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There she blows….

Ok the power keeps flickering on and off, so I will make this quick.

It’s been typical, a bit lopsided, so we get heavy rains for awhile with some huge wind gusts and then it dies down. The highest report gust thus far is 45 miles about 5 miles from here.

It should be making landfall with high tide in about an hour or so. I would love to get some pictures, but since it’s nighttime we can’t really pull that one off.

But, the wind is howling and blowing those trees- Bryan and Garrett are sleeping right through it. Crazy, guess I should try as well.

Oh, I got a search hit for hurricane preparedness, so I believe once this thing has blown over, I will write up something on what you need and what you should do in case of a hurricane. Because, ya never know when you might end up in one. Even, inland it seems.

Ok, that’s 4 flicks of the power in 5 minutes. I need to go turn the big computer off before it does some damage. Toodles.


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I thought I would give everyone a quick update- the tropical storm/hurricane is estimated to make landfall in south of Myrtle Beach, which is where we live. It is only supposed to have sustained winds of 65-75 mile per hour as of 6 p.m.
I was able to work today, even though rain began early this morning. By 2 p.m. the humidity level was rising and you could feel that low pressure that occurs during hurricanes. It’s a strange feeling, but I promise once you’ve been through a hurricane you start to sense it, probably somewhat like right before a tornado.

Speaking of which, we have a tornado watch in effect for the rest of the night and into the early morning. I think that’s the worse, is you have this one thing going on that you are worried about and then on top of it you get another thing to worry about. Great! At least Bryan will be home tonight and as it makes landfall! That’s a huge relief. We decided to order pizza and rent a movie, hoping the power doesn’t go out until after midnight.

Right now it’s getting darker and the wind is starting to pick up. I’ll be sure to update again tonight before it hits or in the morning…that is if the power doesn’t go off!

Oh and let’s really say a prayer for Florida- as Ike approaches. Hopefully, it will downgrade even more! (My brother and his family live in Orlando and my mom and sister will be visiting there NEXT week!)

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