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On Borrowed Time

Yeah!! I have a friend! Thanks for the vote Leanne! (btw, Bryan likes threeamigos, should we include it?)

I was starting to think it was a lost cause, maybe I’ll get some votes now….hint, hint…..

Anyway, thought I would let everyone know I’m not slacking or wallowing in self pity (from lack of votes) its just been a busy weekend and has only begun (we have a cookout planned tomorrow), but I PLAN to write tomorrow and Monday. It’s just too late now and I’m pooped!

So again- please, please surprise me with some votes tomorrow? Do I have to beg, people?


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Well, that’s only if you guys help us out. We have been wanting to set up a new email ever since Garrett arrived. For one reason or another, we hadn’t come up with anything or actually set into motion creating a new one. The process is way simple and yet we hadn’t done it. So, I thought I would run a poll on the best email address for the 3 of us. What a better way to get the ball rolling, heh?
We want something fun and unique, but I’m absolutely lost on creativity today!
Hope you guys can help!
So far I’ve come up with the following:
Which do YOU like best?
Please leave a comment with your favorite!
1. vernon3
2. vernontrio
3. theverntrio
4. twobsandag
Not that eye catching, huh? Maybe you guys can give us some suggestions? If you have something better, we would love to hear it!
Mommy Vern

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