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This morning I woke up more alert than I have been in ages. Perhaps, it was the uninterrupted 6 hours of sleep I got (count that, six WHOLE hours…I feel like a NEW WOMAN!) or the fact that I knew if I was stealth enough, I could get up and manage to have a nice hour or so to myself before Baby G awakes. This morning is different than most mornings because:

a) the hubby doesn’t have to go to work

b) I don’t either

c) it’s Saturday!!

What a treat! So you can imagine my delight and urgency in enjoying the morning.

See that’s where my hubby and I differ. Even though I could definitely use the extra hours of sleep, my mind is going warp speed conceiving all the things I can jam-pack into my new window of opportunity. These moments are truly rare. They must be pounced upon the moment they arrive!


In the midst of knowing I am racing against the clock, I started making coffee. In the last two months, I have slowly regained my obsession and sweet addiction with that first cup of Joe. In the process, I was frantically trying to plan out my morning. 

Literally, I was swimming in ideas. I was a college student writing a term paper.

I would blog first. I could schedule a couple of bills. Nah, not much fun. Oh, I can look up hams for Thanksgiving at the Honey Ham Company. No, wait…scratch that I will respond to those folks I keep intending to get back to via email and facebook. Then, I can also email overdue pictures of Baby G to the family. Although, isn’t that the POINT of this blog. Hell-o? Or, I could work on a few other projects and favors in the making. Then I thought, slow down Nelly! (Brakes applied.) I thought to myself, “You’re most likely chewing off more than you can chew.”

Lost in thought, I caught myself holding the refrigerator door open with the coffee pot in my left hand trying diligently to place it into the side door of the refrigerator. Yep, you heard that right. I’m confessing here, that it took me a second to realize what I was doing.

There was this weird moment, where my brain clicked and said to me, “Ahhh, psst…hey you…I don’t think that’s where that goes.” It WAS an extremely strange feeling, sorta out of a Salvador Dali type dream.

Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory, 1931

I am pretty sure that old adage applies this morning. Let’s hope for my sake, it’s simply a glimpse of the mind slightly slipping in older age, rather than the full Monty. Of course, I still think it’s too early to tell.


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This is the scene at our house the minute I let Garrett down to crawl.

Remember that word, ‘crawl’– if you will.

Making his way up.


Yes, my baby isn’t even 7 months old yet.

He still isn’t completely crawling!!!! Where did he learn this? I have a sneaking suspicion he learned it from Allison’s son Eli while we were in. Is that possible?

Please shoot me NOW!

(And, this was his 2nd round of “Let’s Climb Into the Fireplace”– as you can see, there is fingernail polish on the back of his right ankle. I was preoccupied the first go around and turned to find him standing, so I quickly grabbed him up *afraid* he might fall. So if you were wondering, that’s where the big looking gash comes from!) 

If only, this assured us that Baby G would be a future NFL, NBA or SOCCER star. (Perhaps, football since he does have his HOKIE colors on…) 

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Garrett and I slept in this morning since Daddy had to be at work early this morning. When we did wake up, around 10 my little man was all smiles. He was babbling away about something rather interesting. He has found so many sounds lately and I simply love hearing him vocalize, even if I haven’t a clue as to what he is trying to say.

Although, today I really think he was telling me that he has a tooth that needs to be brushed. OK, let me rewind a bit. For the last few days, whenever I brush my teeth I let Garrett watch and it absolutely fascinates him! He stares and smiles and then laughs.

This morning while in bed (we usually lay around for a good ten minutes), as we were chatting- Garrett gently pressed his gums against my thumb. As if to say, ‘Mommy, this is what I am trying to tell you about!’ When he pressed his gums against my thumb, sure enough I could feel a spikey little tooth breaking through his gums. Not in the original place I was sure he would land a tooth, but rather on the opposite side. The front right tooth is now emerging.

Up until this point, we had felt hard knots on his gums in various locations (predominantly on the left side and upper front)- but this is the first spikey object I have felt! 

Funny thing is, he hasn’t had any real symptoms. Maybe because he was sick last week and it masked all of it. Really though, he has been an angel. He did push on this tooth over and over with his tongue the last few days. I figured it meant a tooth was coming, but I shrugged it off because I figured nothing would emerge as usual.

I can’t wait until it pops out fully so I can take a picture of it and share with all of you!!! Ahhhhh, my baby has a tooth! 🙂

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Originally, I was going to post about our visit with our good friends and their babies (which I still plan to post some photos later). Then, I changed my mind and decided my post would be about an environmental friendly house to make up for missing my weekly green day. But, at last that wasn’t really doing it for me either (although, that link and information will come.) Thing is, nothing has really been that intriguing to me lately in the form of writing about it. Call it what you will, writer’s block or plain laziness or one very active child and one very tired Momma. Either way, that’s what has been happening.

Of course, I thought to myself, ‘I can make something and post it on the blog’. And, so I made something. I made a Butternut Squash Soup. Yep, but I’m not going to post the recipe (not that it wasn’t any good, rather because that isn’t wasn’t doing it for me either.) Again, I continued to ponder. I searched my thoughts. I read other blogs. I thought about everything going on today. The economy. The election. Still nothing.

I can’t say why it wasn’t coming to me, but I do know I have been trying to balance more things in my life, start less projects, yada.yada.yada- you know that old song and dance. I have been somewhat sad I guess. I want so much for my blog to be a part of my life because I get such a release from it and from reading other blogs. Yet, somewhere in the last two weeks I realized- I need to be more concerned with watching Garrett grow up. As I was reminded earlier this week, to simply be still and watch because this first year flashes by and before you know it, the baby becomes a child. I can’t remember the exact words, as it was in a Baby Magazine. One of the 15 I subscribe to or somehow landed, the ones I never have time to read anymore.

That’s where I have been though, with my head in the clouds. Thinking how fast this all is going to go and trying desperately to savor every waking moment. It hurts a bit even now to think how precious time and life really is. It makes me sad to think of moments wasted, used up, dried up and gone. And it makes me want to do every little thing possible now. In our waking hours together. Probably, too many things at once- which I am already notoriously ADHD (starting and stopping projects on a whim.) Add to the mix, a crawling and babbling baby and my hands are really tied. Getting Garrett dressed is a full 30 minute ordeal with about 60 rolls in-between.

And just like that, he briefy waved goodbye to his Daddy. We have been practicing. (Him saying Momma was most likely a fluke because I can’t coax it out of him again to save my life.) We do have a raspberry blower. He did this repeatedly today as I showed him my belly! I am amazed at the things he is putting together. I have found that Garrett and I are both creatures of comfort. He has found his way back into our bed. SHHHH…don’t tell anybody.

And then, finally when I sat down to type, it came to me- how fast it could all change. 

Call it feeling blessed or even lucky…whatever it might be, it’s the reason for my stupor, my stink, my slowness here on the net. I just need to take the beauty of my baby and this life in for a few more moments. And then I will be back.

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As you know, Garrett has been teething around the clock. He wakes up in the middle of the night now and twists and turns. After a week of this, I was on the verge of not being able to function and Bryan actually soothed him back to sleep the last couple of nights so that I could catch some z’s- that is, until last night.

Garrett was in bed at his usual time and I stayed up waiting for Bryan to get home- we needed to talk about our ‘anniversary dinner’ and figure out what exactly would be on the agenda. Once home, we chatted and then I decided to go on to bed, so I could get a good night’s sleep in before having to work today. That was at midnight. Thinking back, it was one of those nights were the minute my head hit the pillow I was out.

Next thing I remember, I was somewhere in between a dream and Bryan yelling ‘OH NO!’ To which, I became panick strickened and confused. It was nearly 4 a.m. in the morning. I don’t remember the dream I was having, I just remember that the next two hours were the scariest and longest hours of my life.

Garrett had managed to climb down to our feet, across his father’s legs and you got it, smack down onto the hardwood floors. I have said it a thousand times, it was going to be my worst nightmare and it was. I simply didn’t believe it would be this soon, nor on his 6 month old birthday and our 1 year anniversary- all rolled into one.

The moment was painful for all three of us. Bryan scooped him into his arms as he cried bloody murder and I watched helplessly. I wanted to nurse him and hold him and make it all better- but I was also worried about ‘what if’s’. Once Bryan had him calmed down, I took him into my arms and started to nurse him, but he gagged and couldn’t seem to get the nursing idea down at the moment. I realized maybe we shouldn’t have moved him until we had turned the lights on or maybe he had a concussion and then I thought, well, what in the world do you do for that and how do you know if they have one? So many questions flooded my mind- How hard did he hit? Where did he hit? Will he be ok? Why didn’t I wake up? Why didn’t Bryan? How did he get to the end of the bed? Why was he going to the end of the bed, he never does that? I’m still questioning everything as I type and I still have a huge lump in my throat from it all.

After he gagged,  I had Bryan pull out our ‘family child book’ and look up ‘head injuries’. It seemed like an hour it took Bryan an hour to do this….I kept asking, “why can’t you find it….you need your glasses.”  I was distraught. Finally, Bryan made it to the page on head injuries and he read to me aloud what to do and what to watch for. (He should be woken up every few hours and watched carefully over the next 24-48 hours, especially if they act lethargic, are pale, sick or complaining of a severe headache while not acting like themselves.) He’s a baby, how can he tell us? This was excruciating.

At this point it was almost 5 a.m. and I wasn’t for sure how, I was going to go back to sleep, let alone him. I cradled him next to me and let him nurse for what seemed forever. He was having that ‘feeling of falling’ off and on as he went back to sleep. I held my hand at his belly making sure his breathing wasn’t labored and hadn’t stopped for almost an hour. I then began to cry silently. I had let my baby down and he was in pain because of me. I had become too comfortable and there were tons of signs! He almost fell off the couch yesterday and even managed to get further on the bed twice while I was simply dressing him. I should have known!

I’m not for sure how I went back to sleep myself, but I did and this morning it all seemed like such a bad dream. It wasn’t though. I have been searching for a bruise, however nothing as surfaced yet. Hopefully, that is a good thing. He seems to be fine, too. I certainly remember that thud very loudly. It chills me even thinking about it.

It is decided, his crib will be making an appearance in our bedroom tonight. See, that was some of the reason he was sleeping with us from the get go- his crib is all the way upstairs. We have canceled our plans for tonight for a later date so that we can ‘watch’ him and are going to have a nice candlelit dinner at home and be thankful that we are a family.

I am so thankful there are angels watching over my baby.

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I hope all of you will forgive my babbling from 1:30 a.m.- I was so tired I didn’t bother proofreading, nor did I get all of my points across (as the computer was hijacked by the wind and had to be restarted, so I lost half of what I had written) And yes, you read that correctly- we had MORE wind, this time a tropical storm (unnamed) that was almost as/if not as strong as Hanna.

Anyway, here it is Friday morning and the week is wrapping up. I haven’t accomplished nearly all the tasks I had at hand this week, both work wise and on the home front. Yet, I do have an excuse!

You see it appears we have been raided by a large group of spiders. I should have known two months ago when I didn’t seem to see as many spiders outside as usual. (I have always been of the nature, that spiders are good. I leave them alone and actually am very fascinated by them. As a little girl, I would check out books about spiders. I thought they were so amazing.)

Which, that’s all fine and dandy until they come INSIDE! In the last 2 weeks alone I have seen and I am not kidding either, about 20 spiders in this house. After 5 in two days, I sent Bryan on a mission to eradicate them.  However, they keep coming around. And, I the good mommy that I am continued to ask Bryan everyday ‘Are you sure you sprayed in there, or outside or upstairs?’

This week, Garrett landed a mysterious 8 different bites. (My poor sweet pea.) All at differing times. I was at wit’s end at one point and seriously thought he had a staph infection. I began sterilizing all his clothes in hot water, using witch hazel on the bites and simply cleaning in places I haven’t in awhile. (I thought perhaps my household neglect may have had something to do with his bites?) I was on the verge of paranoia and losing it. I think I am seeing spiders in the corner of my eyes now. I am still afraid to sit upstairs, as I had one sitting on the end of my finger unbeknown to ME as I was holding Garrett and talking on the phone. That was on Wednesday.

I think Bryan seriously thought I was crazy. He was sure it was ‘just’ mosquito bites, until this morning- I found a spider in the laundry basket with the dirty clothes!! AHHHHHH!!!! That’s it, we are calling an exterminator immediately! Needless to say, I am no longer as fond of spiders as I once was.

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Supervising laundry duties

Supervising laundry duties

I’ve been so off course for the last week or so concerning days. I literally thought it was Monday on Thursday. I blame Bryan for that one, as his work schedule has changed up once again. It never fails to change once I have become comfortable in our routines. So, not much is new- other than I did add some items to my other pages, if you haven’t had the chance you should check them out. I haven’t finished proof-reading (because I hate doing it) so bare with any mistakes for the time being. As my time is a bit stretched these days. I did add pictures, a favorite books link, a milestones link, and a baby food diary to the Baby G tab- if anyone is interested. I am always curious to see what others are doing, reading, eating….yes, I’m a nosey person.

What? Was I supposed to be helping?

What? Was I supposed to be helping?

What else? Oh yes, I have that Etsy shop up and running, there’s a link to the right, one here and one on my Mommy’s Imagination page- which I am trying to include a snapshot of what’s for sale. No luck yet, I can’t seem to figure that out. All in due time, my dear Watson. There’s nothing really magical in it, just some fun I’ve painted for Garrett and friends. I do plan to add a few more things in the coming weeks, so keep looking. Time is the biggest factor. Technically, I should be sleeping right now since I have been a bit late for work this week.

Ahh, and I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow afternoon to figure out if I had an allergic reaction or not. I have a few theories, so we’ll see what the ol’ doc has to say first. It’s starting to heal and I actually feel as if my skin is getting back to normal, I gave myself the equivelent of a chemical peel, minus the chemical. I used baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I know you readers probably think I am bonkers- but it dried it up nice and quickly, plus it was all natural. Thanks for those prayers, I don’t think I could have made it through the weekend without them. Anyway, more on all that tomorrow.

Did ya notice that? I threw in my Tuesday pictures AND gave an update.

I might just be the laziest blogger, eva, eva. And the laziest at putting clothes away, but come-on who even noticed that?

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