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with…a…grocery…store. And for the record Beth, I swear that was going to be my post BEFORE I read yours! BTW, do you go by Beth or Carol or both, as in Carol Beth? I have always wondered. Anyway…let me get on to my post.

Having a somewhat annoyingly productive, yet SAD day does have a perk or two, yet (I worked a full 8 hours, went to my dermatologist appointment, THEN the grocery store and was back by 7 p.m. tonight, only to read 2 books to Garrett, hand him BACK over to his Daddy for shower time and then whisk him to bed at 8:30 p.m.’sniff sniff’) to get that perk.  Did you catch all that? Whee…. for the very long record, being without Garrett for 10 hours doesn’t exactly make anything very worth it. (Although, I did see him briefly at lunch and again after my appointment- but lunch involved no contact with me pumping and after the appt. briefly held him in the car and nursed him, definitely not ideal!) So what grocery store has me all hot and bothered, forgetting how horrible working full time would be with a baby at home, you ask? Lowes Food Store.

It is the shisnit. If that’s even a word. Translation- very very cool indeed and huge. Did I say HUGE, I meant (silent H)… YUGE as in Über. And everything, produce related was labeled on (again) YUGE SIGNS that read where the produce rolled in from and whether it was organic or not. Surprisingly, most of the produce WAS from the U.S. and Canada. I was in heaven.  Big fat plump green grapes grown in, you got it the good ol’ U.S. of A!

The place is immaculant. The deli impeccable– WILD Alaskan Salmon! Another favorite, stuffed Chicken filets with Spinach and Feta Cheese- which I had to get. I purchased 2 filets weighing almost a pound for less than $5, not too shabby for a nice dinner. They have so many products, that I can’t even begin to give it all to you. I took an hour and a half to get $60 worth of groceries. But, in my defense of taking sooooo long, I was 1) babyless and 2) determining how to best spend my money.

There were so many things, I wanted but knew we didn’t need….it was hard to narrow it down. And for some reason, this store made me WANT to read labels more, well actually Garrett is the reason I read labels more often. For instance, I don’t know how up and up you guys stay on news, but China is AGAIN having issues with tainted things- this time it’s baby food, of all things. How horrible is that? Anyway, so I glanced at the packaged fruit cups in syrup from Dole and Delmonte (I snack on these to give me some vitamin c), guess where they are packaged? The pears- China. The pineapples- The Philippines, another Thailand; one in Spain. What? That seriously can’t be a good thing. So, this gets me on a frenzy…determined to buy all U.S.A or Canadian products on this visit. (I know, I know I can really be anal at times- but, I want to make a statement!) We need to buy more things locally. In the end, I think I had maybe 2 items that I wasn’t 100% that they were packaged in the U.S.A. Hey that isn’t too bad, out of about 20 items.

The only downside to this particular location is they didn’t carry the baby food (Earth’s Best) I wanted and until I purchase a sieve/food mill I have been buying this type of baby food because its from Oregon, Organic and comes in a jar. Good, very good.  They also failed to carry any ‘earth friendly’ diapers which I was sure they would with everything else that was organic. Oh well, I mentioned it….so maybe I will see it next time.

Oh and before I forget the WHOLE reason I went there in the first place- they sent me 4 coupons for each week in a month for $10 OFF of a purchase of $40 or more. Yep, so I bought 75 bucks worth for only 65. Bargain indeed, I bet you’re already searching for a store near you. And the VERY BEST part of this store- I saw other shoppers with GREEN BAGS!!  Seems you get rewarded with 50 green points for every bag you bring with you and use! Points are also given for how much spent. The points are then good for free or discounted groceries and even merchandise. I’m not positive the value system, but I did notice that 1000 points could be redeemed for a free 6 oz container of organic yogurt- which is a descent enough deal, since you could rack up 1200 points in 2 months just from bringing in 3 of your own bags.

I hope some of my love rubbed off on you guys and you’re able to find a Lowe’s Food near you. It really is marvelous darling, marvelous I tell you.


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I have always ‘talked’ about being green, but I never walked the walk so to speak. I did little things, but now that Garrett has come along I have really started taking the initiative to be better and greener. Therefore, I wanted to share one of our green habits.
My good friend Sarah mentioned on her blog that she finally purchased canvas bags for grocery shopping, so I thought I would share a picture of my own to demonstrate how big and sturdy they are and just how readily available they are becoming. I purchased mine before Garrett was born. I was sick of telling baggers to ‘limit’ all that plastic (between the double bagging and 2-3 items per bag…it was ridiculous, I was starting to think they were in co-hoots with bag makers.) I gave my spill, every single trip to the grocery store on the environmental devastation of plastic only to receive blank looks. After a few years of those stares, I finally found the bag you see to the right at Office Depot for $1.99. I bought 3- I wish I had bought even more they’re so roomy and sturdy.
Like Sarah said, I feel good when I walk out of the store with them. It makes me proud to be Garrett’s mother because I know I am doing a small part to make sure he has an environment to live in! To give you an idea of their size, Garrett was generous enough to use himself to show a comparison. I’m telling you, they are the brown paper bag of the future, except they can hold even more. If I haven’t convinced you yet to make the change, isn’t Garrett enough? Seriously though, habit is all the effort it takes to become more green in this department.
Plus just look how much stuff they hold. I had 2 big boxes of cereal, a huge tub of butter, yogurt, a container of pre-cut veggies, marshmallows, a bag of frozen spinach and frozen fruit bars in the bag from this particular excursion. I promise you aren’t going to be able to get that much in one plastic or brown paper bag. When I really go shopping, you know those $150 – $200 trips, I usually end up only needing 4 bags for everything. (I have a canvas tote from my doctor that I also use to make sure I don’t get any plastic from those pesky baggers!) Finally, if you haven’t noticed, take a look at that ticker over on the right of my blog to see how many plastic bags are being used. I am almost certain that less than half of those are even recycled. And what’s worse, plastic is useless UNLESS it is recycled and then it only has but so many lives. So come on whatcha’ say, make that switch today and be an advocate for your little one and their future.

Visit Crunchy Chicken for the real deal on being green!

Would anyone like to see a once a week green day?

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