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I was a bit short last week concerning my green post. I was rushed when I posted it and tried to type as much as possible in as few words as possible. I am a wordy person though, so it is nearly impossible for me to get all I want out in only a few sentences. I tend to end up sounding monotone and dull when I do.

This week, I figured I would use my time as ‘wisely’ as I could- taking cues from some of the time management advice I reaped last week from fellow readers/bloggers on my post about trying to balance this mommy life. I truly believe that having children later can be much more challenging, as you must deal with letting go of that long nurtured individual that has been created throughout the years. At least, that’s what I am going to attribute my see-sawing behavior in trying to balance and juggle the demands of daily life. Being a mommy is definitely much harder than I ever imagined. No wonder my own mother is so zaney at times. I completely understand who wouldn’t be with four kids!

As for myself, I think on a monthy basis it all evens out- I mean one day I am on TOP of my game and seem to accomplish everything from cleaning the house to keeping Baby G satisfied, fed and happy as a lark. Other days, it’s all I can do to get us both fed or us out of our comfy clothes. (i.e., pajamas)

Aside from all that juggling, I try not to lose sight that Baby G is ONLY little once and I do not want to look back one day and say ‘Man, I wish I had played with him more when he was a baby.” Or, wake up one day and say “When did he start saying such and such word?” Last summer while I was home, an old friend of the family mentioned this in passing and I think it has been the greatest advice I have received- she commented that she had wished she had worried less about how clean her house was when her two sons were little and had played with them more. I would like to think I will worry less about our house and more about our kids, so on any day that I find myself preoccupied with one thing for too long, I pinch myself and try to remember her words.

In an attempt to enjoy more of those moments and still be a proactive member trying to make a difference environmently- I try to make as much of Baby G’s food as possible. As I have stated, in numerous posts before I have made homemade babyfood in batches that I freeze for later. We have made apples, peaches, pears, sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut suash, yellow squash, zuchini, blueberries, bananas and avocados thus far. There have been a few exceptions lately when I have bought organic pre-packaged babyfood. On these occasions, it was due to not having a seive, which I have finally determined I can go without and simply use our food processor. Another moment of weakness occurred because of pure laziness. In my defense, I have bought ALL bottle babyfood except for maybe about ten plastic greenbean, pea and mixed veggie varieties. Not bad in a 2 month period. I think all in all we have spend approximately $40 on babyfood (this total includes rice cereals, juice, jars, etc.) Imagine the cost if he ate prepackaged foods around the clock, that total would be close if not more than doubled.

Today, for my post I am vowing to stop buying all that USELESS packaging. Plastic seems to rule our lives these days and after reading an article about the fact that almost 40% of processed food comes from CHINA- I am gefinitely not purchasing ANYMORE packaged babyfood. Also, after the 1st foods that Gerber and the other babyfood companies make- most of what’s in the container is simply starches and fillers. Which means making your own and getting back to basics is healthier in the longrun, too. AND IT’S PROVEN TO BE CHEAPER! This reaffirms when I stated last week that going green coinsides with saving money and to me that’s something that wouldn’t hurt any of us in today’s economy!

Now, I know this post probably seems way off topic or you might be scratching your head wondering how it really relates to going and being green, but let me assure you that eliminating all that plastic does help the environment, even if you stuck with glass (also recyclable and profitable still in some states- it is also reuseable) I have collected about 30 babyfood jars and have a few plans up my sleeve as we speak. (Cough, cough…I won’t mention how this makes my husband bonkers (he cannot stand clutter). And, yes granted storage items are most likely plastic or as in my case I store my thawed babyfood in some of the bottles I have from the store bought babyfood and store what is to be frozen in freezer icecube trays and yes plastic ziploc bags that I REUSE- so at least they are being reused and not cluttering our landfills!)

If you grow your own veggies then babyfood becomes SUPER GREEN, because growing your own garden is considered a sustainable and renewable resource. Second best would be buying organic or even non-organic LOCALLY grown produce. Local being the imperative word here AND this in return SUPPORTS our Main Street economy!

Isn’t it time we get back to the basics? Please share your thoughts…


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Yesterday, in an attempt to give Garrett some avocado I decided to try something different. We haven’t mixed foods together yet and well, the avocados I had didn’t yield much fruit because they were starting to turn. So, I salvaged as much of the fruit as I could – which was probably the equivalent of 2 or 3 tablespoons and added rice cereal and breast-milk to the mixture. It turned out to be a hit- so I am posting a guide for making this mixture in case anyone would like to give it a try.

2-3 TABLESPOONS Avocados

1 TABLESPOON Rice Cereal (could add more for a thicker consistency)

2-3 TABLESPOONS Breast-milk or Formula

Obviously, it isn’t rocket science. Just play around with it until you get the right consistency. It turned out really good though and as an FYI, avocados are LOADED with the good fat and have been linked to promoting healthy brain development.

BTW, if you ever make avocados for your baby it is very easy to freeze if you have mixed it in a food processor. I haven’t had any problems with browning at all. Simply add to ice-cube trays, wrap with plastic wrap and freeze. Once frozen, pop out and store in a freezer bag for future use.

Hope you give it a try!

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The other day, Garrett and I decided to go to Barnes & Noble. It’s a nice little retreat for the two of us and allows me to do my own book browsing. Sometimes, I just sit and read while in the store…never fully purchasing a book. But, this time I had full intentions on buying a book. I bought FIRST MEALS, by Annabel Karmel. Ok, not exactly your ‘run out right now, gotta read best selling novel’. Yet, these days it comes pretty darn close.

Now, I know many of you are saying, “Isn’t Garrett still a bit young for solids?” And yes, you are correct. But, in my defense he does turn 4 months next week- so getting ready for the world of solids now, rather than later seems the smart thing to do.
Besides, I am still contemplating on when I want to begin his first foods. Originally, I had thought I would wait until 6 months, since that’s the recommended age. Yet, now I am a little eager and thought maybe I would go for 5 months.
According to Karmel, babies shouldn’t be given solids until 17 weeks after their due date. This is due to a baby’s underdeveloped immune system and digestive system. It can help trigger allergies. Ok, I get that, makes prefect sense and if I can prevent Garrett from getting my dreaded eczema than I’m all for it!
This means that Garrett shouldn’t have solids until he is just shy of 5 months old, since my little man came 2 weeks early. And that goes with my own magical number, so I believe that we will wait to start solids until then.
Of course, now I have this book egging me on to start solids.
It peers at me from the counter top, somehow more noticeable than all the other cookbooks.
No, that’s not quite true.
It does peer at me, but not to start Garrett on solids. I actually read the first 50 pages the day I bought it. The next day, I was making baby food. It was easy. I should have taken some photos, but I was preparing it during one of Garrett’s nap and was trying hard to finish before he was back up. On my next go around, I will be sure to share pictures.
I have about 20 servings of the following foods frozen, just waiting for Garrett to try out:
Apples, Pears, Peaches, Blueberries, Carrots, Squash and Zucchini
(My mother had brought the squash and zucchini from home so it is organic, but the rest were bought and I didn’t have the money to go organic. I am going to try to give him as much organic or at least locally grown as possible. Regardless of organic or not, making your own baby food is the best route if you keep things clean. Plus, I get to know exactly what he’s eating and I get to save us some extra money, too.)
The cookbook by Karmel is really wonderful and covers recipes up to the age of 7. She gives some great combinations for baby food and a lot of creative ways to jazz up a toddler and young child’s food as well. So, even if you aren’t up to making baby food or don’t have a baby at home you’ll find it helpful. Next time your at the bookstore or library, see if you can’t browse through it…
And to all you Mommas out there, I have a few questions:
When did you begin feeding your little one or when do you plan to feed your baby?
And, what did you feed them? Any recommendations, advice or suggestions you can share?

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