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Okay, I know that doesn’t seem fair, but its only for this morning. And well frankly it doesn’t happen quite as much as I would like anymore. I know, I know that’s what I signed up for when we chose to have a baby, but sometimes its exhausting trying to make that little bit of time for yourself and in the process you wind up with no time. Don’t even get me started on ‘we’ time, because that my friend has almost seized to exist.

Today, I’m going to try to make 4 things happen:

1. Have ME TIME.
2. Have family time.
3. Have ‘WE’ time.
4. And give Bryan all 3 as well. (This is part of my father’s day gift to him)

So where does ‘me’ time fit in with a baby? Not much of anywhere, really…unless you get creative that is. And fore go some sleep perhaps. That’s what I’ve done this morning. I went to bed late last night (2 am). It’s habitual, when Bryan works until 11:30 and 12:30 at night, plus Garrett chooses not to sleep during the day and waits until 8-9pm before he conks out…so its late at night is my prime ‘me’ time. Now, don’t get me wrong his sleeping pattern is heaven, quite frankly from what I hear- since he sleeps pretty soundly all night until about 4 to 6 am. He’ll stir a bit here and there, but since he sleeps with us…I rarely ‘truly’ wake up until at least 4 .

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, me time- so in the mornings I have a small window that consists of either going back to sleep at 6-7ish until about 9 or 10 am OR I can get up and do my own thing- translation ME TIME!!! This morning abate the only 5 hours of sleep I chose the ME TIME. Now, what this means, is sending messages to friends, checking emails, scrap booking when I can get the time in, working my photo books, blogging, showering and even housework. That’s a lot to cram into 2-3 hours, huh? Well, usually I limit it to just 2 things, I’m not that proficient at multitasking, not yet anyway.

This morning, if time permits, I am off to the grocery store to get items for my planned breakfast and dinner I’m making Bryan in honor of Father’s Day. I wish I was giving him more, but since I only recently went back to work, the funds they are low.

When I take this morning opportunities, I usually check in on my guys to make sure everything is okay…sometimes Garrett stirs if I’m not around. (This morning, from the advice of my brother, I took my shirt and placed it beside Garrett on my pillow) Supposedly, the scent will help them sleep. Well, when I went in to check on my guys…this is what I found:

Garrett had scooted and wedged himself up against his daddy. Now isn’t that the perfect Father’s Day picture! Aren’t they so sweet!?

With that said, I hear my guys stirring downstairs….so I think MY TIME is just about to end. No worries, its been a VERY good morning, both for memory making and to help me appreciate the little things in life; like listening to the bird’s chirping and knowing that each day is a new beginning.

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in, forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day, you shall begin it well and serenely.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I swear that blog on our trip home is around the corner.


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Sheesh….what a day! I am having one of those days in which I just can’t seem to get anything accomplished. I have one million things running through my head that I want to do and I can’t catch up! Doggone it! (is that even a word?) I am determined to at least write while little man is down for the count.

I ended my last post thinking I would pick back up with our trip and well I do intend to talk about, but with the million things running through my head, I thought it would be rather cute to show the resemblance between Bryan and Garrett as opposed to the similarities between Garrett and I. While back home, we ran across Bryan’s baby picture from the hospital when he was born and it’s shocking how much they look alike!! We found all kinds of goodies at Bryan’s parents’ house (everything from old ‘love’ letters to his blankie as a baby!) The old love letters were tossed after a few memories were joggled and his blankie is off to being repaired so that it might be used by Garrett too. We found old photos, a baby book and tons of stuff from Bryan’s Appalachian hiking days. We actually waited to go through everything once we got home, since we found everything tucked nicely away in an old trunk about an hour before we were leaving to return to home.

So anyway, before I go on about our trip let’s get this comparison out of the way!! (See I have a million thoughts going on….) Here is Garrett’s hospital picture compared to me (on the left) and Bryan (on the right):

I think the only thing similar to me is his ears and nose! Otherwise, I think he’s the spitting image of his father! Oh and get this, while browsing through all those goodies we found in the trunk was Bryan’s birth stats! I had wanted these from the day I found out I was pregnant! Garrett was only 2 ounces and 1/4 inch from being the exact same size as his daddy!

Looks as if the trip is going to have to wait after all. Garrett’s awake. Oh, how I am at his beck and call.

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Ah, sweet relief is all I feel as I begin my first attempt at blogging about the joys and pains of mommy hood. I have been contemplating the idea of starting a blog for awhile now, actually even before my little man was born. So finally, without further ado…my journey into Mommy’s Little Blog begins.

Mommy-hood has its special challenges, as I try to set up my laptop strategically at my recliner while baby swings in my left arm, patiently waiting for me to plop down, expose my breast and resume his feeding. As, I set the laptop up, I realize essentials are nowhere to be found and off with baby in tow, I grab my bottle of water, a bag of chips, the phone, the TV remotes and Boppy before little man starts to squeal that he’s hungry. Social Services might be appalled if they saw me, hmmm maybe I shouldn’t be posting this stuff?

Finally, I settle into the recliner. Place Boppy into wrap around position (all the while holding little man) I lift my shirt, undo my nursing bra and take one last look around to make sure everything is in arm’s reach. To my left is TV remotes, phone and chips. On my right is my laptop and bottle of water. With my right hand, I quickly turn the laptop on and start its connection. Once this is started, I latch little man onto the breast and get cozy…careful to peer into his eyes as he nurses. (Sometimes, I feel guilty, nursing and surfing the net at the same time…so I make every effort possible to let him know I am not ignoring him) He is so forgiving.

Okay, so where was I? Connecting to the Internet. At least that’s what the icon says is taking place. I wait and nothing. Another five minutes go by and I reconnect, this continues for over twenty minutes, sometimes I get lucky, other times I get frustrated and restart the computer- continuously until I do get lucky….either way by the time I do get online, its time to change the little man’s diaper or burp him or play with him or give him a nap. Needless to say, its never time for me to blog.
But tonight I have persevered!

I was able to get my sweetie to fall back asleep after nursing and shamelessly, I’m secretly hoping for a repeat session tomorrow night minus all the strategic planning (but that’s wishful thinking).

Mommy-hood is Everything I hoped for and
Nothing I expected.

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