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Is it just me or does Target have WAY TOO MANY handicap parking spaces? Now, don’t get me wrong…I don’t have anything against handicap folks or the need for handicap parking spaces, but come on is it really necessary to have sooooo many?

Call me crazy, but I think that Target is a bit excessive in their attempt to appease the handicap population. It makes me wonder if they were once sued for not having enough parking spaces for the handicap. I mean seriously I counted 20. TWENTY. SPACES.

It never fails that when I arrive I can never find a parking space closer than 5 spaces back. (Although, ironically tonight for the FIRST time EVER, I did find one 2 spaces back….so I guess I should retract that comment.) No, on second thought, this has to be a fluke. Sorta like a slap in the face from God for being inconsiderate and counting out all the handicap spaces. I should be ashamed of myself, but seriously in all my time visiting the Target here, I have never been able to park very close to the entrance. Until. tonight.

Now, this never really matter much to me until I was pregnant. (An expecting parking space sure would have been nice. Of course, who cares about us mothers!) And, then in the first 4 months before I braved using the Baby Bjorn, hauling his car seat over to the cart across the parking lot and adjusting it to the unwilling seating area was painful enough to say the least. It was an ordeal that took a good ten minutes. Then, I worried relentlessly that his car seat may suddenly fall off the cart if a sudden move occurred or say, I let go for more than two seconds. No make that one second. Yes, I am a bit compulsive. I know this and I admit it. 

But, hey this isn’t about me and my tendencies- so, let’s get back on point. I think the biggest complaint I have from the parking spaces are that they are usually empty and the other twenty non handicap spaces that are located sparingly around the handicap spaces are ALL full. What would this tell the logical thinking person?

On a happier note, I did purchase a pretty red ‘green bag’ from Target with a cute design on it. Isn’t it cute and only .99 cents. It’s just as roomy as my others, too.


So, I guess this means we’re even. I will take my bag and succumb to the overwhelming number of handicap parking spaces for the sake of being green. And, while I am at it, I will be THANKFUL that I do not need to use one of those parking spaces. So there, hopefully I have redeemed myself for being so unkind. 😉


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10. Waking up in the middle of the night between the times Garrett nurses and then being unable to fall back asleep for another hour.

9. Canceling my hair appointment for Monday until an undetermined day in the near future.

8. Cashiers or Baggers that don’t listen to you when you tell them you brought your own bags and proceed to place your items into double plastic bags after you’ve handed them your own bags. (did they go to school at all?)

7. Making small talk with people you don’t really like and the fact that they know it too and don’t like you either.

6. Drivers in the left lane that go very, very, very, slow and then make a left turn. (This may only apply to South Carolina.)

5. Crying over a movie for no apparent reason and trying to figure out why exactly you are crying. Then continuing to cry until you can think of a reason for crying.

4. Not having a working microwave. (Of course, not nuking everything might be a good thing.)

3. People that laugh really loud while reading greeting cards.

2. Women with perky breasts either with or without kids. (a.k.a. implants, fake-aroos)

1. The fact that LEFT-handed oven mittens do not exist. Anywhere. Period.

Do you have any irritations?

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