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In a quest to find a few more good blogs to add to my reading list, I stumbled upon a very interesting post concerning Dr. Phil and his ‘soon to be’ show titled “I regret my HOME BIRTH’. Are you appalled, floored, yet?

Home-birthers, Home-birthing wannabe’s, and fellow au naturale ladies- It is time to stand up and set the record straight. The original post, “Why I Hate Dr. Phil: Sensationalizing Home Births” is by Eco Child’s Play author Jennifer Lance. After reading the post, I headed over to Dr. Phil’s, signed up to be on the ‘regretting home-births show’  and let ‘er rip, I was so excited I copied my message to share with each of you, only to forget moments later – which means I copied something else onto my clipboard before posting it here. I know hello, what was I thinking! Anyway, it went a bit like this:

” I did not have a home birth, but before you delete my message, consider this- I did have a hospital birth that I sincerely regretted, with no thanks to a staff of incompetent, insincere and uncommunicative medical practitioners. I do not regret my son’s birth, however because of their lack of the above, I landed a UTI MRSA STAPH INFECTION. Will Dr. Phil be so kind to show the harm taking place in hospitals?”

I actually think that may have been better than the original- go figure. Anyway, you should do the same if you would like justice for the ‘misconceptions’ the media make, of course we know that isn’t what sells though.  Maybe we should petition Oprah?


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That’s what I want to tell my OBgyn.

Or if I had the chance I would like to say, “No thanks, I’ve had enough…but thank you for asking.” Because, obviously doctors these days think that your maternity and delivery charges are the dessert after giving birth.

I would like to inform them that this is certainly NOT the case. Unless it’s dessert that been thrown-up. Sorry, I know that’s not the mental picture you were hoping for.

So where does this angst come from you ask?

Well, even though we were told upfront that our bill would be X amount of dollars and after being harassed to pay (I kid you not) and then being threatened (again I kid you not) when I was oh, 7 months pregnant that they would drop me (this part is just a little bit my fault…seems my PREGNANT hormones were rude to the office assistant on the Friday she called, yet the doctor really had no business threatening a PREGNANT woman on a Monday morning at 8 a.m., either) I was hysterical over it, Bryan had to get on the phone I was crying so much. Luckily, there were 2 doctors in my practice or it might have been more embarrassing. Yeah, I had the very best doctors. Ever. Ever. In the whole wide world. Oh wait, no wonder I had all those birthing issues, huh? On second thought, maybe I got a really bad case of karma.

Anyway, after that fiasco when I was 7 months PREGNANT, you would think like any other red blooded American that we were done and owed nothing else to them. You would think that, right?


We received a new bill this past month for $451 extra dollars. Something about they had a hold on our deductible and was waiting for the hospitals charges to kick in. But it didn’t. Are you sure about that? I really wish I had reserved that rude can of whip arse for this moment, but I am still learning how to pick my battles. So, I started doing the research and I added up all that we had paid up to the harassment incident plus the lump sum we payed after the harassment issue (the amount that was to supposed to settle the bill per the office manager-yes we are now speaking with the office manager). Guess what?!!? This amount is about $50 over what our insurance states we are responsible for and the amount we were originally given!

Now tell me, am I missing something?

We have to call on Monday…no, nix that…BRYAN will be calling on Monday to talk to them about the matter. I don’t think I would be the best suited for the job.

I will be sure to update you guys on what goes down.

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A man must have created this odd suctioning contraption! For no woman in their right mind would have created anything that looks so sightly. A woman would have at least created it hands free. I hear they do make a bra now specifically for a pump…which, I’m sure was invented by a woman!

So, the first time I tried the sucker on (no pun intended) I literally couldn’t stop laughing- I wasn’t for sure if it was the sight or sensation, either way it wasn’t one of joy.

Of course, now it seems commonplace. Heck, I can even do it in the front seat of my car in a full parking lot or in the backseat of a moving vehicle as cars pass by and neither phase me.

Although, it is a godsend, especially in light of my issues when Garrett was only 2 weeks old. I rather wish it wasn’t necessary. (For those of you who don’t know, I landed a staph UTI infection (MRSA) courteous of our hospital and their wonderful job delivering Garrett) Let me quickly elaborate: because of the infection, I was forced to take antibiotics for 9 days. The antibiotics I needed were too strong for Garrett since he was under a month old, which meant I had to PUMP and DUMP.

PUMPING and DUMPING is pure EVIL. Why, well because breast milk is liquid gold, especially when its coming out of your own boobs and especially when you have already established breastfeeding with your baby! At the time, I was miserable (read HORMONAL and very very Postpartum) I cried at the drop of a hat. So imagine the flood waters when I had to feed my baby formula and still had to pump and see my milk be p-p-p-p-ooooouuurrrreeeddd down the drain. I shutter now, even thinking about it.

Luckily, we both got through the ordeal, but not without a couple of minor issues. Because I needed antibiotics immediately, Garrett was abruptly removed from my breast and given a bottle. You can imagine how upset he was, I’m positive he sensed how insanely distraught his mommy was given the situation too. After the antibiotics ran their course, I resumed breastfeeding- however, being so eager to get back to my baby, we didn’t ween him off the formula. This inevitably lead to another week of painful poo (we wrecked havoc on the poor little guy’s stomach). What’s more, Garrett was afraid that he might loss the boob again and became a CLING-ON. Therefore, week 3-6 of his life were very very emotional and dungeon-ness. He refused to be anywhere but at my breast or he screamed bloody murder. He has finally let go of this tendency but still requires the ‘NINNY’ in order to go to sleep. (NINNY a.k.a. BOOB)

Now as you can imagine, pumping really annoys me. Because although, it did help me keep my supply…it did dwindle some too. Pumping and dumping was hard to do while trying to feed him at the same time or at least in the same intervals, all while Bryan was working 14 hour days and no one was around! I’m not throwing a pity party over here, I’m just saying it was out of the ordinary and difficult given the circumstances.

The point to my blog, wasn’t about going into my ordeal, but rather to explain the irritating device and the upkeep of keeping it clean and having to deal with bottles. I really can’t stand it. When all I really need to do, is give my boy the ninny and life is good. Ahh, if only it were that easy. Since I am working again, I have to pump about twice a day to keep up my supply and some days I’m lazy because its a pain in the A@# to haul the contraption to work and stop what I am doing and go to the vehicle and pump in 100 degree weather! (It usually takes 40 minutes, just because I have to cool the car down first or I’m sweating like a pig!) And that’s what drives me crazy, I could be home and not going to all this trouble, I could be feeding him myself and then I remember all the different reasons I am pumping and I realize this is what being a mother is.

I guess it could be worse and I could be pumping as I work. Poor cows.

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