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I have been meaning to share this link for the last week or so, it’s a post by fellow blogger Becky.


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*(Rolling Stones’ song)

Tonight, I have mastered the unthinkable…at least to some extend. I managed to get baby asleep and by asleep I mean, I nursed him and then I laid him in his bassinet to sleep by himself! Woo-hoo!! He has been there since 9ish, it’s around 12:30 now. Of course, he has woken up twice and I had to coax him back to sleep both times. No problem.

So as he slept, I was able to C-L-E-A-N.

However, I have come to realize that I have a severe form of ADHD in my older age. I was zooming around the house trying to clean and organize as fast as I could, when I would wash pots and then begin the laundry and return to the kitchen and put away dishes or empty the trash. I was going a mile a minute….in my wake, I cooked dinner, washed a load of clothes, folded clothes, washed dishes, unloaded the dishwasher, organized hand me downs for Garrett into piles based on size, then ate and preceded to cook meatballs, (that dear hubby had prepared early today before he left for work.) As they cooked, I ran upstairs to write this blog, post some new baby photos on myspace and complete his baby announcement!

Wheee…now, I felt very accomplished I must say and to be able to create a new blog post and slowly make progress on Garrett’s baby announcement to boot, that would really be PRODUCTIVE!! (which btw, I hope sending these out isn’t too late….I mean he will be 2 months next week)

So here I am, busy creating them, deep in concentration and full of creative juices, when I realize….

OH S@#%!!!! I forgot about the meatballs!!! Nooooooooo!!! I was doing so good with my time!!!
I rush downstairs and well, let’s just say they tasted like rubber. I had them simmering for about two + hours. Lovely. I feel horrible since Bryan went to the trouble of preparing them at MY request. I’m definitely an idiot at times. ; )

Anyway, hubby is home and baby is about to wake….so here’s hoping for TIME tomorrow to talk about Garrett and how very big he is getting!

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