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Garrett is doing fine and we believe the fall wasn’t too bad. I mean I guess you never know what it ‘could’ do to a child, but he has been acting exactly the same minus a few bouts with teething and irritability. He has his check up tomorrow, so we will get the okay then!

He is now sleeping in his crib as I type this. We started last night and let him cry himself somewhat to sleep. (Thankfully, it only lasted about 5 minutes, however I cried as I was putting him asleep and Bryan had to come in and let him cry it out. I was too upset by it all.) I ended up getting up every 2 hours to nurse and put him back to sleep. I’m not for sure he needed it, I think much of it was due to his new setting and the teething taking place. I even had to change his diaper at 4 a.m. this morning he nursed so much! I’m hoping tonight will be a longer sleeping night because getting up every 2 hours wasn’t very much fun at all! Thank the Lord we didn’t have to deal with this the first 6 months. I think I would have definitely gone crazy!

As for his doctor’s appointment tomorrow, I had mentioned earlier that I thought he was reaching 18 pounds or possibly over it- so I wanted to throw a challenge out there for anyone that wanted to guess his weight! You have until tomorrow’s post to submit your guess. I am officially guessing 18 lbs. and 2 ounces. I’m excited to see how much our little man has grown and whether or not I am in anywhere close to his actual weight.

You be the judge, how much does our baby weigh? 

This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago and the one below is from 1 week ago.


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The first two months of Garrett’s life, I thought “I have a baby who doesn’t spit up” and I thought that maybe it had something to do with breastfeeding. I remember my friend Kim repeatedly telling me how much Nate had been spitting up and all the outfits she went through in a day. Nate is formula fed, so when Garrett never spit up, I was sure I was on to something and that I had made the clearing.

Unfortunately, as soon as he hit the two month mark, the spit up appeared and came in large quantities! Some days he barely spits up and other days he seems to spit up his whole feeding and then some. On those days that the quantity is massive, I begin worrying that maybe he is vomiting and not spitting up. In my frenzy I browse the Internet for the umptenth time to give me the definition of vomiting in infants. I should have the definition and symptoms memorized by now! And then after reading, I realize, his spit up moments are more a surprise to him then anything else because they are never accompanied by pain, aren’t projectile (even though it does go everywhere) and he is still gaining weight.

I, on the other hand must endure changing him and usually myself at least 1-5 times a day. You would think I would learn and have a spit up rag on hand (as my friend Kim had warned me on numerous occasions) but I haven’t yet. So far, the most outfit changes he has had in a day is 5 and that was today. I only witnessed three spit up episodes myself and each of those occurred almost back to back. Seriously, no more had I picked out a cute little outfit and put it on him before he had spit up streaming down him and me. I have officially become the spit up rag I think! I had the cottage cheese like sustance all over me- a present just for mommy, on my shoulder, on my leg, on my hand….

My hubby seems to think I’m not burping him enough. But, the boy usually burps more on his own than when I try to coax one out of him. I actually think he spits up because he over eats while nursing. For example, tonight he nursed on both sides before dosing off and then woke up about 20 minutes later. I picked him up and played a bit with him and he even had some time on his mat before he went on his spree of spit ups. I am wondering if moving around with him caused some of it as well as the combination of no burping and the overfeeding.

All I know is I don’t have a clue how to minimize it and unless he is in pain, I suppose I will chuck up these moments to experience.

Anyone have advice on dealing with spit-up?

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While I was pregnant, I gained a substantial amount of weight. Somewhere, in the range of 40 pounds. All the experts say that the maximum weight gain should be between 25-35 lbs. Of course, I thought at the time I was doing good and that an extra 10 or 15 lbs really wouldn’t be a big deal… NOW I understand why the books give this recommendation. You literally shed the 25-30 lbs within 2 or so weeks of having the baby, especially if you breastfeed. Anything over this, well let’s just say, it stays and is nearly impossible to get rid of!!

(At the height of my pregnancy, 2 weeks before giving birth…I’m HUGE!)
So, I started off at the beginning of my pregnancy floating somewhere between 130-135, which I had always thought was a little overweight for my build, but I was happy with it. I am especially happy with that weight now, since I am currently stuck at 143! I can’t for the life of me get rid of those last pounds and I am wishing that I didn’t have a DESSERT every single day of my pregnancy. Yeah, I know that’s pretty extreme, it’s a wonder I didn’t end up with diabetes. I couldn’t help myself and ICE CREAM was the only thing I craved. And, don’t confuse my self indulgence with a bad diet, I did eat extremely healthy- in fact, I ate healthy all the time except for those desserts. Seriously, I loved eating-veggies, fish, fruit, you name it. I guess I just tended to overeat.

(Pre-pregnancy, well technically…I was 3 months preggers and weighed 135)

Maybe my weight gain had something to do with stopping smoking. I guess I had to replace my addiction with something else. Point is, as a result, I have this extra baggage and have practically NO clothes to fit in. I finally brokedown and bought a few things-but I keep thinking, what if come winter I still haven’t lost the weight? What do I do with all my old clothes? I have always been the same size since I can remember, this is the most I have weighed since I was about 16 years old. So, I have tons of clothing that will simply have to be tossed out if I can’t loss the weight. What worries me too, I have heard that your hips never go down and you can actually go up a size in clothing just because of this!! Well, I pray that isn’t true because I’ve jumped up 2 whole sizes! I will die! Yet, it does seem that my hips are most of the issue, that and my butt. Once a week, I try on a pair of old jeans or shorts to see if anything has changed, but nothing is shedding.

Well, to try to combat this dilemma, I’ve sworn off my lingering cookie and ice cream addiction starting today. See problem is, with breastfeeding and a little boredom, I have been eating constantly! Obviously, I can’t loss any weight if I still eat all the time! Especially if its only sweets that I am eating. That’s when I remembered a place called Salad Creations, that a good friend and fellow blogger, Sarah had told me about on our first outing together since before the pregnancy. Now I am addicted to this place and I have went once a week for the last 3 weeks…the place is absolutely a MUST!!! I love it.

(Jessica, me and Sarah @ Hot Fish Club) (I was 6 weeks post pregnancy…I guess I’ve come a long way!)

If I had the money, its the one franchise I would cash in on! It’s Subway meets Salads. The salad choices are heaven and for $6.99 you get a choice of lettuce (spring mix, spinach, romaine or iceberg) and then any and all toppings of your choice. And believe me the toppings are endless. (My favorites are artichokes and feta cheese!!!) I end up with at least 10 toppings each time (all veggies, thank you very much!) The balsamic vinegar is to die for too! I get it on the side and then with the sheer size of the salad, I have enough salad for at least 2-3 days! They have other salad choices and wraps as well, and yesterday I noticed they have started smoothies too. I haven’t tried them yet, but I am sure with names like ‘Berry Mangilow’ they’re a hit just like the salads!! 🙂 You have to find a location and check them out!
Anyway, I am hoping by visiting once a week, maybe I can start shedding those last pounds? With the salads, some walking around the neighborhood a few times a week and a little luck its bound to work, right? Lord, I hope so or come winter, my pocketbook is in trouble.

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