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Our little boy is getting so big, but getting a picture of him with a smile is absolutely impossible. That is, unless I sing ‘Silent Night’. It’s Garrett’s favorite song, he smiles whenever we sing it.
We’ve started singing the song anytime we see that frown and cry getting ready to emerge.
Since he usually gets frustrated with my endless camera flashes, I decided I would sing it tonight and see what reaction I got. Guess what! I finally captured a smile on our little boy! After a month of trying desperately to see that lovely smile, I finally did!
Before my Silent Night rendition….a not so happy baby boy.
Amused by my off key singing….see a he is a happy baby!
And one, just for fun as Garrett works his leg muscles for the camera-

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All Smiles

Everybody loves a baby’s smile. Especially their own. And that’s what Bryan and I woke up to this morning. A smiling baby. I can’t believe how much he has grown. The time with him is flying by and everyday I find myself in awe of this little person. He is the best thing to ever happen to me. I try to imagine what life will be like in the future. What type of person he will be and how we as a family will interact. It’s all so surreal and then I try to step back and freeze time, because I hear these are very precious days, as ‘chaotic and sleep deprived’ as they are. I hold him a little longer and gaze into his eyes as much as possible, soaking up the little man he is. He is so amazing, so perfect…the best of both Bryan and me. A blessing I try to remember to be thankful for everyday.

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