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I had intended to show a picture or two of Garrett’s first taste of bananas from today, but after taking the camera upstairs to print off some pictures, I accidentally left it there and am waaaaay too lazy to get up and go get it. Plus, I am in bed. I wish I had my laptop set to share the upstairs’ computer’s files- but again, I am too lazy to have something that elaborate set up.

So, yes Garrett had a banana today. It wasn’t planned by any means- I actually was going to go with pears next. Garrett had other plans. I was carrying him around the house with me this morning, when around 11, I decided I was going to grab a banana to eat before they became too ripe. (FYI, organic bananas not only TASTE sooooo much better, they take longer to ripen.)  So, there I was peeling the banana back, when little piggy literally grabs the top of it. He managed to help me break it off and drop half of it in the floor, too.

Anyway, I figured since we have a bunch of bananas we should go ahead and introduce these to him. Plus, I am pretty positive it will be asked in a couple of weeks when we go home, whether or not he has had bananas and if I say no, I will have to explain why. Which really there never WAS a reason why he hasn’t had them, other than my doctor recommended starting rice cereal and veggies first. I agreed that I thought veggies were better to introduce first- as the theory goes, it can help them to establish a liking for veggies later in life.  We shall see if it holds any truth. Or you may hear me in twenty years, “Now Garrett, you know those peas were one of your first foods and favorites I might add…you really should eat more veggies. Mommy knows best.” Let’s hope not, though.

My Sweet Potato Pie!

My Sweet Potato Pie!

 Just a bit more rambling and I will be done….I do have a few pictures I can substitute for the banana session that I have from his adventures with sweet potatoes. These are from about 2 weeks ago and I think this is the first time he tried them, too! My piggy loves him some sweet potatoes!

Of course, he seemed to really dig the banana, too. He was actually sounding out ”yummm.” He ended up eating about a quarter of a small one, all smashed up. I also let him play with a piece to help build on his hand coordination and to help him get the idea of what different foods feel like. I can’t wait to post those pictures. But, again I can wait at least a few days, my bed is pretty darn comfy.


Polishing off the jar.

Polishing off the jar.

Garrett has now had rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, avocados, peas, sweet potatoes, green beans and bananas. Wow!! That’s a whole lot of food! I’m interested in seeing if he has gained more that the normal. I don’t think he has though even though he still nurses 8 or so times a day, I’m sure he has reduced his milk intake. Who knows though, maybe he is really big. We go next week for his checkup, I am taking a wild guess that he is 18, maybe 18 and 1/2 pounds. Anyone care to take a guess? Wait HOLD THAT THOUGH….I have an idea for a FUTURE post!!


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As the summer comes to an end on the coast, we try to cut back on our energy consumption. One way in which we do this is by turning off the air conditioner once the temperature hits the 70’s at night. Now, this might not seem like much to you guys, but it still gets up into the 80’s well into October around here. Many days the house will get quite muggy, yet on other days we are able to have a nice little breeze circulating through the house. (We also try to start doing this again in March with the heat as the weather is getting warmer.) We are usually able to save about $90 a month during these months.

On another note, energy can also be conserved by unplugging unused appliances until you intend to use them. We are extremely bad about leaving the computer going at all times and having the t.v. constantly plugged in, along with lamps. However, this week I am going to start unplugging all those appliances that are plugged in, but not being used. If I count, I believe we have about 15 things plugged in that are not being used on a constant basis. Which equates into- at least a $10 savings each month on our electric bill. That seems worth it enough to me! (And of course, turning off lights as you exist rooms and not having ‘night lights’ on are another small saver that adds up in the long run.)

Although, I can’t attest to how much we have saved by this next tip, it has helped us to become more aware of the things we take for granted and helped us appreciate ‘simple’ living again (in the broadest of terms). We NO LONGER use a MICROWAVE. Yes, you read that correctly. Now, you may think this is absolutely crazy- but I assure you it isn’t. It happened rather on a fluke. Our microwave stopped working in July and we haven’t fixed it or purchased a new one. We discussed its importance and decided it wasn’t a big deal NOT having it around. We have adjusted our lifestyles and other than in regard to ‘habit’ it was actually very simple to stop wanting to use it. I have found I like this way of living better- I know what I am eating hasn’t been leached of all its nutrition and I feel somewhat healthier for what I am cooking because it has to be done on the stove. Now, our energy consumption probably evens out in relation to what we were using vs. what we use now for cooking, so no kudos for conserving energy. But, it isn’t as bad as one might think and that’s my main reasoning for throwing it out here with this post. Not having a microwave isn’t all that bad. Gasp, to think Garrett’s growing up without a microwave!!

Hope the changing of seasons finds each of you appreciating and conserving your slice of the world a little bit more. 🙂

Oh and there’s only 3 more days left to that green contest I’m running- if anyone still wants to enter.

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***NOTE: This post contains graphic pictures and links to 2 videos with graphic images on animals.

I swear I’m almost done with my political rantings…just give me one more month. (Ok, I don’t swear, but they will be considerly less by then.) So, here’s some more of the same concerning that ‘pretty face’ eyeing the White House. This is written by a friend and family member; it definitely warrants an audience- maybe just maybe it might open some eyes.

 The original post can be found here.

09/27/08 10:12AM 
Wrong Woman, Wrong Message…
I love that I live in a country where I am entitled to have my own opinion as well as the freedom of speech.  I love that I get the opportunity to vote, seeing as one time women were not allowed to.  I have to admit that I have contemplated what difference my vote for president would really make during the elections. I always come to the conclusion that the government and its politicians only have power because we as a people give it to them through our collective consent.

Therefore, this is my blog and my opinion.  I am not writing this blog to try and persuade others to vote the way I do.  I am writing this because I feel the need to voice some issues that are near and dear to my heart, as well as most likely many people have no idea that this is going on.  I am writing this solely because I care about the environment and animals, and they don’t have a voice.

So if you are interested in continuing onward, you will find some information that I have been researching on a certain Republican party candidate who is currently Governor of Alaska.  You will also view some gruesome pictures along with two videos, so get mentally prepared.  Again, this is just one of many reasonings as to why this heartless candidate will not be getting my vote.

*  SHE offers a bounty of $150 for each left front leg of freshly killed wolves.

* SHE promotes aerial hunting of wolves even though Alaskans voted twice to ban it. SHE uses $400,000 of state money to fund a propaganda campaign in support of aerial hunting. SHE believes that the trophy hunters should have no competition when it comes to hunting.

* SHE supports the use of state money to slaughter black and grizzly bears including cubs with the goal being to kill at least 60 percent of the population.  Again the reason for their executions is so that the moose and caribou populations will increase and give opportunity to the trophy hunters.

*SHE strongly supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  It is home to hundreds of caribou who use the refuge as a calving ground, more than one million migratory birds, and countless other wildlife.  It’s the most important onshore denning habitat for female polar bears.  Senator McCain himself has repeatedly voted to protect this pristine wilderness area. 

* SHE is suing the federal government to prevent listing the polar bear as an endangered species.  SHE has argued that the “ice-dependent polar bear”, the first mammal granted Endangered under the Endangered Species Act because of global warming, “does not need additional protections”.  SHE argues that any development or activity requiring federal permits or using federal funds would have to engage in a “consultation” (which is mandated by the Endangered Species Act) process to ensure that the polar bears are not harmed.  SHE believes that the “consultation” “is a long and time-consuming process, and it’s basically a big time-and-money waster”.  Her conclusion, the polar bear isn’t worth it.

*SHE opposes the listing of the Cook Inlet beluga whales to threatened due to pressures ranging from pollution and toxins in the water to increased ship traffic.  She believes that if the belugas were listed as threatened, it may hinder oil and gas development ($).  And just for the record, since she apparently overlooked this memo, the Cook Inlet beluga whale numbers have decreased from 1300 in the 1980s to about 350 today. 

* SHE believes that man-made global warming is a farce!!!!!!  She refuses to believe or support that man-made fossil fuel emissions are responsible for global warming, defying worldwide scientific consensus.  And her drill-keep drilling-drill forever approach to energy issues will do nothing to ease the causes of global warming, promote the use of clean, renewable energy sources, or break our addiction to foreign oil. 

When it comes to animals, you won’t hear her talking about pro-life. The only thing SHE said in her speech at the Republican National Convention that (allegedly) wasn’t scripted was that she’s a “pit bull wearing lipstick”. What an insult to pit bulls! Because they’re often raised to be violent (always the people’s fault), they have an undeserved reputation for bloodthirstiness. SHE was raised that way, too, but at what point should a cruel human know better? Her need to want to destroy wolves and bears is bogus and I find it sad that she is from the great vast state of Alaska. I personally don’t think she has a clue about supporting the natural predator/prey balance and it is obvious that if this is her ability to look at a situation that has clear divisions between the right and wrong action and she is capable of coming down on the wrong side in spite of the obvious correct course of action, she is simply incapable of making balanced decisions. I understand that some people who refuse to live in a civilized society still have to hunt animals for their food, but there is a humane way of doing so.  This issue reminds me alot of the sealions in the pacific northwest being executed for eating salmon. Who would have ever thought that animals would be killed for doing what they are suppose to do naturally? Like a wise friend of mine said…..it’s kinda like a sniper sitting on the top of the grocery store when we go to get our food……..









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I hope all of you will forgive my babbling from 1:30 a.m.- I was so tired I didn’t bother proofreading, nor did I get all of my points across (as the computer was hijacked by the wind and had to be restarted, so I lost half of what I had written) And yes, you read that correctly- we had MORE wind, this time a tropical storm (unnamed) that was almost as/if not as strong as Hanna.

Anyway, here it is Friday morning and the week is wrapping up. I haven’t accomplished nearly all the tasks I had at hand this week, both work wise and on the home front. Yet, I do have an excuse!

You see it appears we have been raided by a large group of spiders. I should have known two months ago when I didn’t seem to see as many spiders outside as usual. (I have always been of the nature, that spiders are good. I leave them alone and actually am very fascinated by them. As a little girl, I would check out books about spiders. I thought they were so amazing.)

Which, that’s all fine and dandy until they come INSIDE! In the last 2 weeks alone I have seen and I am not kidding either, about 20 spiders in this house. After 5 in two days, I sent Bryan on a mission to eradicate them.  However, they keep coming around. And, I the good mommy that I am continued to ask Bryan everyday ‘Are you sure you sprayed in there, or outside or upstairs?’

This week, Garrett landed a mysterious 8 different bites. (My poor sweet pea.) All at differing times. I was at wit’s end at one point and seriously thought he had a staph infection. I began sterilizing all his clothes in hot water, using witch hazel on the bites and simply cleaning in places I haven’t in awhile. (I thought perhaps my household neglect may have had something to do with his bites?) I was on the verge of paranoia and losing it. I think I am seeing spiders in the corner of my eyes now. I am still afraid to sit upstairs, as I had one sitting on the end of my finger unbeknown to ME as I was holding Garrett and talking on the phone. That was on Wednesday.

I think Bryan seriously thought I was crazy. He was sure it was ‘just’ mosquito bites, until this morning- I found a spider in the laundry basket with the dirty clothes!! AHHHHHH!!!! That’s it, we are calling an exterminator immediately! Needless to say, I am no longer as fond of spiders as I once was.

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I hate to do this, I really, really do. I know many of you probably shun at political talk on blogs, but I hope you will remain a reader, irregardless of your own beliefs because quite frankly someone needs to have the cohones to speak up about this ‘mess in the mini-skirt’. In this day and age, I think it is imperative that we care and make a stand for what we believe is right and/or wrong in this world. I think it’s important to understand that problems do not go away and cannot be swept under the carpet. Our whole political system needs to be reformed, yet as I have stated before the only way that will happen is when we actually PAY ATTENTION to the folks we elect into our local offices.

But, back to the matter at hand- I am flabbergasted that people would even think of electing someone because of their gender or race. So there, I mean that for the candidate I support as well. However, I hope that some of those folks voting for these reasons, take a closer look at how ignorant this woman is about politics. Everyone though Bush was bad, well you haven’t seen anything yet. (Take a look at her interview with Katie Couric.) She’s been bullshitting everyone since her days dressed as a ‘bulldog with lipstick’ it seems. She’s straight out of the high school SCA, elected because she was popular and pretty. I imagine some things will never change. Of course, she can give you an answer for anything, but it’s save to say she’s simply trying to dodge all those bullets rightfully aimed at her head. I think the lady has obviously bitten off more than she can chew. And for some reason, word is that McCain is trying to cancel the debate for tomorrow night- maybe in an attempt to further prep his own running mate. (Who’s slated to debate with Biden on October 2nd.) Perhaps, this latest ploy has everything to do with his running mate’s lack of knowledge and nothing to do with the current crisis at hand? Somebody, give me an amen.

Of course with that current crisis comes many more issues. Didn’t Republicans always support less government? I’ll save that for another day…my little one is ready for me to be a mommy not an activist or politician. Maybe, someone else should heed that advice, too?

(Edited after realizing I sound a bit like a blundering idiot when I am writing about politics at 1:30 a.m.)

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Somebody shoot me now! We had a pretty good 2 weeks without Garrett’s teeth giving him much of an issue. Now, they are back and with a vengeance. The last two nights have consisted of a cranky baby waking every hour or so. Primarily consisting of tossing, turning and rolling between Bryan and I. Bryan had the good fortune to sleep through most of these moments, I on the other hand, have not. He hasn’t been sleeping as well during naps either. Yesterday, I think he slept maybe an hour and half throughout the day in patches. Today (with an artillery of teething tablets) he managed almost 2 hours, but none of his naps have been the consistency they used to be. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by his lack of sleep though, instead he is back to vocalizing and checking the pitch of his voice. And, boy oh boy is it high! Im one lucky mommy. Who am kidding, I love the squealing, but I could definitely do without the teething!

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All ready to visit Daddy!

All ready to visit Daddy!

Daddy must be a proud papa. His son is officially a Bob Dylan fan. Bryan would say, “Well, yauh…that’s my son.” But, of course I had to confirm this tid bit of information. Tonight on our way back from eating at his daddy’s restaurant, Garrett fell right to sleep while listening to Bob Dylan. He had been very upset and tired when we put him in his carseat for the 20 minute ride home. Earlier this week, Bryan had mentioned that he hums and babbles while hearing Bob Dylan sing. So in an attempt to calm him down, I turned the radio off and turned the cd player back on and to Bob Dylan. Once ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ came on, his crying turned to babbling and within minutes he was fast asleep. It was amazing. Thinking back, Bryan did play Bob Dylan on our drive home from the hospital when Garrett was only a few days old…perhaps, he remembers it? It’s nice to add to his love of music. He really seems to enjoy all types of music and sounds, but I have to admit Bob is the first to sooth him other than classical. Who would have ever thunk it? It isn’t really a surprise that he’s digging it, as both Bryan and I are music lovers to the core.

Bob Dylan's smallest fan

Bob Dylan's smallest fan.

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