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Well, Bryan and I did take a stroll on the beach, but we went as a family. It was one of those wonderful moments of being a family. One for the memory books. So why was this beach trip so special? Because, Friday was Garrett’s first trip to the beach – EVER. He was completely mesmerized by all the sights and sounds. Garrett seemed to be in deep thought the whole time we were there, taking in all the ‘new’ sensations! He didn’t make so much as a peep, unless you laid him down and obstructed his view. Bryan took him into the water so he could feel the cooler water on him, when a wave hit them- Garrett’s first reaction was a shocked and scared one, but he soon changed his face as he realized he was okay and Daddy was still holding him.
Sunbathing with Nana.
Catching some waves with daddy…
Feeling the water and sand between his toes.
Drying off in his birthday suit and
feeling more sand between those toes.
I wonder if our little boy will one day love all things water?

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I have been seriously slacking on my blog!! What, you say…you haven’t noticed? Well, for starters I haven’t added any pictures in ages! What is up with that? And I’ve been relatively boring, too.

Tonight, I was planning to change all of that and get busy blogging one of the many drafts I have started, but decided “Aye, I’ll just finish this a little bit later when I have more time to devote to it.” But, once again I have let myself down. Equally disappointing in the past couple of weeks, I have forgotten the numerous potential blogs I feverishly type in my head as Garrett, I, Bryan or the dogs do something interesting that I think, “Now, that’s definitely something worth sharing!” I could so kick myself. On top of all this, mother has come to visit and at last I am to entertain. Decisions abound, do I blog or do I sleep? Mercy me.

Like I said my mom is here. Yep. Before, I continue I would like to state for the record that we love mom being here and have a great time when she is here….

But, and this is a big BUT, she has…..

(You’re not reading this are you, mom?)

That was a close call.

Ok, dare I type it?

I think I must.

Here goes.


They’re really minor. Not really worth mentioning. Small and insignificant, the kind that truly just make her who she is. I’m going to list a couple of them anyway just for fun. All in good fun. She won’t mind a bit, she’ll get a kick out of them. Really. She will. Trust me. Ok, here goes.
Hmmm, that’s funny….and kinda strange. I started to list all these quirks and believe me she HAS some, when I thought about whether or not I will have quirks that drive Garrett bonkers as well. And then IT hit me. I, sure the heck hope not. I mean, me…how could he find quirks in me, his mother. The person who gave birth to him and nurtured and cared for him every single day of his life. Won’t this child know how I would give him the shirt off my back? No, not my Garrett. He would never think his mother was quirky or had quirks. Most certainly not.

And just like that, in a split second, all my mother’s little quirks escaped me.

Mom, you better thank Garrett.

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It’s sorta like a three ring circus when she comes to town. A SIGHT NOT TO BE MISSED. That is unless its 12:30 AM. I woke up last night as she and her friend Debi were making their way into the house. I quickly made sure Garrett was still sleeping and huddled closer to him. I was not in the mood to get up and make chitchat. Not even for my own mother. Don’t get me wrong, usually I will stay up and wait for her or I will get up when she arrives, but last night I was exhausted. It just wasn’t happening. This morning at 6 am I heard her rumbles again and the coffee maker grinding. (The coffee maker I thought I would use religiously after our wedding. The coffee maker that has now become void with a baby. Who needs the pick me up aroma of fresh ground coffee when you can have the fresh smell of poo at 730 every morning?) Of course, I can smell neither but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, continuing to Nana…I then hear the screen door open, then close. As quickly as I hear this, I turn around, startled as she stands gazing over us laying in the bed. She tries to contain her excitement as she gets a quick glimpse of her other, much newer grandson before her daughter quiets her down. All the while hoping, (I assure you) that his eyes will open the harder and longer she stares at him. I hurriedly shoo her away, as he needs at least 2 more hours given our rocky day yesterday. (He is still refusing to take a bottle and now is struggling with sleeping without the ninny. Bryan also had off yesterday, which on those days his schedule gets a little haywire.)

Again, back to Nana. I follow her out and we talk small talk, Garrett’s daily routine, her drive down and why in the world she’s up at 6:30 in the morning. Apparently, she wakes up every morning at this time regardless of what time she goes to bed. Lord, I couldn’t and don’t want to imagine. I have been sleep deprived enough for the last 3 and half months. Yet. it feels very good to have her here and to actually be up this early. Somehow, I feel refreshed with only five and half hours of sleep. How is this possible? I’m sure by lunchtime, I will have the makings for a migraine. If I’m lucky, maybe I will escape the sleep deprivation’s torture today. That reminds me, I am going to have my hair cut today!!!! It has become my one indulgence since being pregnant. I believe this time I am going to get it all cut one length, which means it will be cut up to my ears! I have been missing my long hair and hating the layers I allowed the last few haircuts. By getting it cut one length I can let it grow back out again! Whoohoo! Having a short haircut makes me feel so very ‘mommy’. Not that its a bad thing, but it adds to the inevitable of growing old and being frumpy. Luckily, the weight is shedding and I am starting to fit tightly back into my pre-pregnancy clothes again. Yes, I said it 4 months later I am very close to being 135 lbs. again!!!

I am so off topic. By 7:30 I come back to bed and change little man’s diaper and hope for the best. Hopefully, he has at least another hour of sleep in him and I can shamelessly blog until my heart’s content.


I’m excited for what’s in store for the coming week. Nana is staying unit next Wednesday, which means Bryan and I get to go out one GLORIOUS night A-L-O-N-E for the first (read 1ST) time since June and only the second (read 2ND) time since he was born. That’s along time for those of you who might not know. I reiterate this is along time not going out together alone. OK, you get the idea.

I’m almost tempted to book a hotel room. Did I just type that?

On second though, we better not, least we have another bambino in the oven. I’m definitely not ready for that. Not yet anyway.

Unfortunately, a hotel room would be out of the question even if we wanted to because we are on a limited cash flow. Which means two things. 1) We will have to have dinner at the house and 2) we will have to hit only bars where we know the bartender. Now that we are in our ‘old’ age, this means approximately ONE bar. Shuckers. I’m sure the night will consist of us becoming bored by ten or eleven. Well, at least that’s what I expect for myself. I truly wish we had saved up some money for this night and thought up something more original then going out to a bar and going drinking. It seems to me that for this momentous occasion, we should have chosen something more fun to do together, like taking a stroll on the beach (free, maybe not extremely fun but relaxing nonetheless- of course we could still do this) or visiting the local art gallery (I could hear Bryan now…”oh, how boring.”) But can’t we find one thing more exciting than drinking at a bar? Now amidst our dilemma in finding something of value to do on our night out, I worry we will only converse on the topic of baby. That we as a couple will have forgotten how to have a conversation with one another.

Does anyone have suggestions? Seriously, what did each of you do when you finally got your ‘night’ out together? Did it turn out successful or did you worry all night and talk all night about the little one?

OK by 9 am, Garrett is wide awake in the bed as I am typing, so I have decided that maybe it is time to let Nana play with him. Morning time is his best time and she deserves to see that. Naturally, I will still be able to blog. Well, that’s what I thought. It seems I can’t help but want to join in their play. So, I guess that’s it for blogging this morning, maybe I can sneak and get a free minute later today…and just maybe I won’t be all over the place.

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It appears that Garrett has decided to give his daddy a run for his money. While I have been at work the last few days, Garrett has been refusing his bottle. Apparently, he throws one heck of a fit and literally cries himself into submission. This lasts for a good thirty minutes according to Bryan. I caught the action the last two days by coming home while he was ‘trying’ to be fed. I even tried myself, but as soon as he hears or sees me, his true temper hits the fan and he lets his wishes be known.

Upset in hearing him in such distress, I have two options, either pump and waste more liquid gold on a baby that refuses a bottle or I can succumb to his tantrums and give him the much anticipated ninny. I did that all 3 times this week and in total we dumped 3 ounces of liquid gold. On Monday, we dumped 2 1/2 ounces because Bryan could only get him to eat 2 1/2 out of the normal 5 ounces he takes. We dumped it because usually its impossible to get him to take it once I am home and then if I do give it to him, we miss a breastfeeding session. Thursday, I rushed home to make sure we didn’t waste more liquid gold, but Bryan was a CHAMPION and made a bottle that only consisted of 2 1/2 ounces.

Today, I came home before Bryan was able to coax Garrett into eating, which left another 2 ounces that would have to be tossed. I wasn’t having any of that. So, after getting Garrett down for his catnap by breastfeeding him, I schemed my way into a plan. I would feed him again by bottle, but this time I would use the Playtex Drop-in that my mother (Nana) gave us. (The same said bottle that I was not having anything to do with when my mom insisted he would like it better than the ones we had. But, I ALREADY have 20,000 bottles I have no clue what to do with and now she wants me to what? Get a NEW bottle.) Yeah, I was going to use that bottle.

Three hours later, like clockwork, Garrett was showing signs of sleepiness and was ready for his ‘real’ afternoon nap. I decided to feed him ‘the bottle’ in the living room and then I would breastfeed him in the bedroom.

It went something like this:

Me- “Here sweetie, only 2 ounces of liquid gold, I know you can do it for Momma!”

Garrett gives a shear look of disgust and disappointment but manages to suck on the bottle’s nipple anyway. He seems to be testing it out. He realizes it is not the same bottle as this morning yet isn’t for sure what it is. Shows signs of knowing it is not his ninny.

Me- “This is the only bottle you have to have until, well….tomorrow. It’s mommy’s milk. You can do it little guy, it’s not that bad.”

Garrett then gulps a few times and opens his mouth and acts as if he is going to gag.

Me- “Sweetie pie, you’re doing so good. Just another half an ounce and we’re done.”Garrett pushes the ‘artificial nipple’ out of his mouth, furrows his brow and turns his head as if to say, “I’m done now.”



The bottle my mom gave us does seem to work better. I guess we need to go get some drop-ins for Bryan and hope that Garrett starts liking a bottle again. My mom is heading to visit this Wednesday, so here’s hoping she has some magical plan to help him conform. At least for Bryan’s sake that is. (Oh and Bryan just now told me that Garrett routinely acts like this while he feeds him with a bottle…for two months now!!!) Poor Bryan.

I’ve always heard of babies refusing the breast after introducing the bottle, not the other way around!

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