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Here it is another month and I’ve went and forgotten to start blogging again. I had all the earnest of heart anyone could imagine to get back in the swing of things, but it seems life will not let me. If it isn’t one thing, it sure is another. This past week, both Baby G and I have been sick and on top of that ALL OF LAST MONTH I have been trying desperately to find another job.

Before anyone shouts at me for even mentioning looking for another job in this economy, please let me explain. I am beyond myself in worry. Number one, we are getting by on practically one salary right now…which isn’t horrible as I know we have it much better than MOST folks, but after a year or so- enough’s enough!! I would like to have my old lifestyle back to an extend or at least the choice to have it back.

Second, I am slowly rotting away without a purpose. For awhile, I got by thinking that loving my husband and baby were enough. Now, my mindset has changed into a desire to have a career and not just a career, but something I can be proud of again. I mean, didn’t I go to college for a reason and wasn’t that supposed to give me a job? So what happened? I still hear that stupid radio ad (you know the one) about how people with 4 year degrees are suppose to make more than those without one.


I say that as kindly as possible because it isn’t like I graduated with a poor GPA, far from it actually. So, when did I miss the boat? That great big sea of opportunity? I’ve resigned myself to becoming one of the masses selling the next great product and can only shake my head in disgust. This isn’t what I had planned.


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My 3 day hiatus

I can’t really say much happened in the past 3 days, except some good ol’ family fun. Overall, it was kinda a ‘strange’ weekend. But, nonetheless, OUR weekend.

I’m absolutely unsure what was accomplished Saturday, except that I was possibly recovering from either a strep infection or an ear infection, whatever it was I was given a prescription of Amoxicillin. This now ups my total pill popping every single day to a whooping 14 pills. Don’t freak out, they aren’t drugs…just herbal supplements and daily vitamins. It’s still a heck of a lot of pills. I’m a pill popper. Yeah Yeah Yeah. (sung to the tune of “I’m a wheel watcher”) I’ll explain more on my supplements another day, I promise they aren’t drugs. So stop worrying already.

Bryan had Sunday and Monday off, which made it our weekend of sorts. We attempted to watch a Grateful Dead Cover band, only to realize eating food was going to be impossible with a bunch of drinking and smoking hippies. We were hoping for more of a festival type atmosphere. It was also extremely crowded, more so than we anticipated and felt Garrett probably was better off not being in that type of crowd. Therefore, we headed off to Mellow Mushrooms instead and had some groovy pizza. We were able to be psychedelic after all. ; )

(Now, you guys really think I am either a druggie or crazy. I assure you that I am neither. I promise words can be deceiving, too.)

I found out I missed going out with one of my “single non-mommy” friends last Sunday to none other than a Reagae festival on a gorgeous and not very hot day, at the Inlet. Yeah, go figure…that’s what I get for me and my homebodiness.

We have changed numerous poops in our cloth diapers and are still hanging in there. You guys probably thought we had given up since I hadn’t mentioned them anymore. Rest assured, we haven’t and I will give a thorough rundown very, very soon. I actually believe I am addicted to cloth diapers because I want to buy more…yet the funds, they are very low.

Which brings me to my biggest reason for not posting in the last few days. I was lost pondering how to start making money without having to get a 2nd job or a first real job for that matter. I have been meaning to blog about my ideas for sometime and Carol Beth’s post the other day was kind enough to remind me.

I’m just not for sure where to begin, as I have plenty-o ideas, problem is many require skill or cash. Two things I’m not exactly brimming with. That’s not completely true, I just hate to announce some awesome skill and then it be little to nothing. I am cooking something up and will be ‘unveiling’ it shortly, hopefully in a couple of weeks. So be sure to stay tuned for my future creations. This is going to happen, I am determined to be a WAHM!! (a.k.a. Work at Home Mom)
In the meantime, I have decided to share a touching photo on Tuesdays every week. We’ll see how it goes, it might just be cheesy. Of course, I do LOVE cheese! Anyway, here’s my first Tuesday photo! This was taking place as I was walking out the door yesterday morning (on my way to work). Isn’t that just the sweetest thing in the world and look how interested my little man is, as his Daddy reads to him the book “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” by Dr. Suess.

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Mommyhood truly is a full time job. Nursing is a second full time job. Cleaning the house is a third full time job. Cooking for anyone, save myself is sometimes impossible. Remembering what I need to do at my ‘part time real job’ the following morning is pointless. Making time for my husband and then for myself is a nano shy of obsolete. Where are my personal assistants when I need them? Oh yeah, I don’t have any…that’s right. So exactly why does a celebrity like Britney go cuckoo?

I’m jumping on the whine train tonight and I so wish that meant a red bottle of wine, like the good old days. But, shamelessly it doesn’t. Rather it means five minutes on the deck as I take the trash out for Monday pickup as Bryan tries to coax Garrett back into LALA land.

Let’s be candidly real for a minute. I miss me time and really miss we time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my baby more than anything in the world. He’s perfect. He’s always happy…that is, he is happy now. Once upon a time, I had a colicky baby…miraculously that period ended as if someone hit a switch when he turned six magical weeks old. No doctor bills or prescriptions needed. Luckily, the days have gotten much much easier. But, the long days have not ceased to exist and neither has his growing need for attention.

My day begins around 9 a.m. as we all begin to wake up. Depending on the day, I am either off to work by 10, sometimes by the grace of God I make it out by 8. But, that’s on a very good day. Most days Bryan is off to work at noon and works a 11-12 hour shift. On lucky days like today, he leaves at 10 a.m. and doesn’t return until 12 a.m. These days remind me of those first few weeks with baby Garrett and truly tempt my sanity. It’s a day of constant struggles, in how to fit in all of my jobs without compromising Garrett’s growing and learning.

I feel guilty if he doesn’t get enough attention or if I take a moment to make myself a sandwich or browse the Internet for a few moments. He usually wins. No, he always wins.

We interact, we talk non-stop. I always had been told I was a talker, hence my name Brook. Yet, now I am a flood of words. We read books, sing songs and sometimes simply talk about everything. I tell him the who, what, where, why and how of everything. And Garrett eats it up and looks up at me with a twinkle in his eye, gabbing back as if he is in conversation over the most fascinating discovery. And I am certain that he is.

Today, he has completely found his toes. He grabs at them and holds them, feeling them with his fingertips. I try to show him my feet too, that way he knows that I have feet also. He has started perfecting his laugh. His first giggle was when he wasn’t even 3 months old. We were in Walmart as a lady started talking to him. Of course, he has yet to giggle like that again, but he is getting close. I know any day now it is bound to come out! I am almost sure he laughed at the lady like that because we were playing with the giggle stuffed animals right before she spoke to him. So tonight, I bought a giggling frog. I know I ‘m a sucker. And yes, I made a trip to Walmart at 8 p.m. on a S-U-N-D-A-Y. I hate Walmart, but with a child it becomes an experience and somehow makes the hours fly by.

Back home, we settled in to complete our nightly tasks. OK, those would be my tasks…I start cooking my dinner, make sure the dogs are taken care of and change Garrett’s diaper before laying him down for bed. No night-time stories or a bath. We are both, too pooped for any routine other than the bed and the boob. He comes from a long line of sensitive skinned people and too many baths a week would surely ruin his precious baby skin. No lotions, either. Besides he smells sweet as it is. Of course, do I really need to justify this?

Except this go around, Garrett doesn’t want to sleep without mommy. Yuck. Two tries and still a baby fussing. Finally, I bring him out to the living room and hold him, as I eat. Multitasking has taken on a whole new meaning. And then, finally at 11:53 my sweet relief walks through the door, takes a shower and keeps baby for twenty whole minutes.

I emerge renewed and remember why we decided to become parents. Tomorrow night I need to make time for ‘we’ so Bryan remembers that, too. Because, what would I do without him? He makes mommyhood and all it entails so very worth it.

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