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I really truly wanted to have a post that remembered 9/11, although I wasn’t there- it touched me the same ways it touched all Americans. I also wanted to create a post on Galveston/Houston and the impending hurricane, along with a few other things I have been meaning to get around to but still haven’t! So, you may be asking- if I have all these things I want to say, why don’t I? I mean I am sitting here typing….

Well, thing is my ECZEMA is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I get one area ALMOST completely healed and wham bam thank you m’am if I don’t get another annoying area that sprouts up. Here’s the deal- I usually get eczema in a variety of areas, usually all are manageable, except in between my fingers or say under my ring on my ring finger.

This location has officially prevented me from wearing my ring since I gave birth to Garrett. Before Garrett was born I had to stop wearing my rings because my hands were swollen. Sunday we took my wedding band in to be resized to see if this corrects the situation since my eczema in this locations has almost cleared up.

Now, if you know anything about this EVIL SKIN CONDITION, you would know that it is an immune disease, kinda like asthma (actually very very similar, as your immune system attacks your skin, rather than your lungs in this case). There are no known causes, it simply exists. A few theories link it to food, a lack of good bacteria (bifidus stuff) and stress. I think it has MANY triggers (an overabundance of perfumes, dyes, chemicals, lotions, plastics…yep you name it) yet it’s primary cause is genetic and possibly related to chemicals found in one’s life (environment, food, etc.), but again who really knows. It is obvious though, in my opinion that it is the body’s response to pollutants or what it believes to be pollutants.

With all that said, I have suffered OFF and ON for oh ALL MY LIFE! I have years when it is dormant and everything is peachy, hunky dory and then there are times like NOW that are agony. And this go around it hasn’t even been as bad as it CAN be. Yeah, you heard that correctly.

I have had it so bad that I wake myself up in the middle of the night scratching at my skin, so frantically that I feel a sensation like pin pricks/goose bumps upon my skin- only to find I have made myself bleed. The scratching is that intense. Luckily it has not gotten that bad since my college finals. (read stress) Now, I have learned to control it, with a few outbreaks here and there. I was dealing with it as best could be with only a heavier hydrocortisone when I felt it warranted getting a prescription of Elidel (the 2002 Drug of the Year). My regular doctor prescribed it without a whim and said use it sparingly. Oh ok. So, because I am anal about things, I look up some more information on it (I used this stuff like it was going out of style when it first came out, but no one had said use it sparingly.) I find out the FDA has now given it a BLACK BOX WARNING, meaning it MAY cause issues (as in skin cancer or lymphoma from prolonged use and too much use while in the sunlight). Ok, so now if I use it I have to be careful it isn’t SUNNY out. Great.

I also have another ointment that is a pure steroid cream (another use sparingly product) that is awesome and I actually think has less bad effects (skin thinning and screws up your endocrine system- which indirectly effects my milk supply) vs. cancer. Anyway, I was using it as prescribed- and read up that Elidel could be used on the face, the other can’t. Thing is I get dried cracks on the sides of my lips- I used it and it started clearing it up. Well, guess what….

It appears that I didn’t wash my hands good enough after applying the ointment to my fingers or that I have overused the product because now I am plagued by Perioral Dermatitis. This can be caused by hydrocortisones/steroids! In this case, I am pretty sure it is. Lovely.

I am at my wit’s end. The recommended course for treatment is bacterial creams. Well, as someone who already has had 3 course of antibiotics this year, I feel I really cannot succumb to anymore rounds of antibiotics and feel still feel safe. (A buildup of resistant bacteria can occur from overuse of antibiotics or by not completing your full dose of antibiotics.) I’m starting to think I am a worry wort.

I feel somewhat better now, if anything maybe I educated some folks on eczema and it’s EVIL nature. I don’t think I can take much more of this horrible disease. I am asking for any prayer, big or small. Thank you in advance.

In the meantime, I will be saying a silent prayer in remembrance of New York City and another that God looks over the Texas coast as Ike approaches.


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A man must have created this odd suctioning contraption! For no woman in their right mind would have created anything that looks so sightly. A woman would have at least created it hands free. I hear they do make a bra now specifically for a pump…which, I’m sure was invented by a woman!

So, the first time I tried the sucker on (no pun intended) I literally couldn’t stop laughing- I wasn’t for sure if it was the sight or sensation, either way it wasn’t one of joy.

Of course, now it seems commonplace. Heck, I can even do it in the front seat of my car in a full parking lot or in the backseat of a moving vehicle as cars pass by and neither phase me.

Although, it is a godsend, especially in light of my issues when Garrett was only 2 weeks old. I rather wish it wasn’t necessary. (For those of you who don’t know, I landed a staph UTI infection (MRSA) courteous of our hospital and their wonderful job delivering Garrett) Let me quickly elaborate: because of the infection, I was forced to take antibiotics for 9 days. The antibiotics I needed were too strong for Garrett since he was under a month old, which meant I had to PUMP and DUMP.

PUMPING and DUMPING is pure EVIL. Why, well because breast milk is liquid gold, especially when its coming out of your own boobs and especially when you have already established breastfeeding with your baby! At the time, I was miserable (read HORMONAL and very very Postpartum) I cried at the drop of a hat. So imagine the flood waters when I had to feed my baby formula and still had to pump and see my milk be p-p-p-p-ooooouuurrrreeeddd down the drain. I shutter now, even thinking about it.

Luckily, we both got through the ordeal, but not without a couple of minor issues. Because I needed antibiotics immediately, Garrett was abruptly removed from my breast and given a bottle. You can imagine how upset he was, I’m positive he sensed how insanely distraught his mommy was given the situation too. After the antibiotics ran their course, I resumed breastfeeding- however, being so eager to get back to my baby, we didn’t ween him off the formula. This inevitably lead to another week of painful poo (we wrecked havoc on the poor little guy’s stomach). What’s more, Garrett was afraid that he might loss the boob again and became a CLING-ON. Therefore, week 3-6 of his life were very very emotional and dungeon-ness. He refused to be anywhere but at my breast or he screamed bloody murder. He has finally let go of this tendency but still requires the ‘NINNY’ in order to go to sleep. (NINNY a.k.a. BOOB)

Now as you can imagine, pumping really annoys me. Because although, it did help me keep my supply…it did dwindle some too. Pumping and dumping was hard to do while trying to feed him at the same time or at least in the same intervals, all while Bryan was working 14 hour days and no one was around! I’m not throwing a pity party over here, I’m just saying it was out of the ordinary and difficult given the circumstances.

The point to my blog, wasn’t about going into my ordeal, but rather to explain the irritating device and the upkeep of keeping it clean and having to deal with bottles. I really can’t stand it. When all I really need to do, is give my boy the ninny and life is good. Ahh, if only it were that easy. Since I am working again, I have to pump about twice a day to keep up my supply and some days I’m lazy because its a pain in the A@# to haul the contraption to work and stop what I am doing and go to the vehicle and pump in 100 degree weather! (It usually takes 40 minutes, just because I have to cool the car down first or I’m sweating like a pig!) And that’s what drives me crazy, I could be home and not going to all this trouble, I could be feeding him myself and then I remember all the different reasons I am pumping and I realize this is what being a mother is.

I guess it could be worse and I could be pumping as I work. Poor cows.

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