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I’m not even for sure how to pick back up with my blog, it’s been so long. I never meant to take such a hiatus in writing, but I suppose all writers have their moments when nothing comes. Of course, mine started out due to a lack of time and has slowly progressed into not having anything meaningful to say. At least it feels that way.

Yesterday was my birthday. It dawned on me that I am 32 now. Not, that I had forgotten. I simply had this weird moment where it feels as if being a child myself was ages ago. I can’t fathom that I have been on this earth that long. Yet, I know that’s only a glimmer to a true lifetime. And then I think to myself-  was it really ages ago? I catch myself sometimes, when I watch Baby G mastering a task or encountering something for the first time, remembering my own reactions or thoughts as a child. I’m not for sure exactly how to explain it. I guess that’s why there’s that saying that some parents chose to live through their children again. Anyway, it’s in these moments that I realize that time is really relative in the scheme of things, but us humans just have to go and find a way to measure it and drive ourselves crazy worrying about whether we have enough of it or we’ve used time efficently enough. Ba-hum-bug. I am simply not a fan of time.

We’ve had a whole mess of things happen in the last few months…Baby G landed the nasty fever blister virus through an encounter with the bug. Neither Bryan or I get them- so it’s disappointing that his little system can’t fight it off.  Which is rather crazy, considering somewhere around 80% of the population carries the virus, but only a select few are unlucky enough to fall prey to its wrath. Poor sweet guy. Unfortunately, this bug did a number on him- as it ended up around his eye (no thanks to the stand in doctor) and it was the worst I have ever seen our little man. We have to travel to Charleston next Friday to make sure it hasn’t gotten into his eye, which we are pretty confident it hasn’t- but one cannot be safe enough. His regular pediatrician has been a life saver and helped get him better within a week.

Because of this, he hasn’t had his checkup yet and this Friday he gets his 9/10 month shots and all his growth stats. Our little man is growing like a weed, minus his cold and losing some weight; it will be nice to see where he’s at.

He has also progressed to a whole plethora of new foods and has started refusing baby food or anything that doesn’t allow him a chance to ‘chew’.

On an even bigger note, we are now on month ten of breastfeeding!! I am so positively happy that we have made it this far- but I am not looking forward to weaning him on so many different levels.

He’s also ‘vrooming’ his toy truck around that his Mom-mom gave him and loves to sit in his playroom by himself looking at books. We are pretty sure he might stand by himself pretty soon, too.

So in retrospect, where has the time gone? All I hope is that I’m capturing enough of his babyhood before he becomes that toddler he’s growing so fast into. Don’t get me wrong, I love this adventurous and brave little boy he is becoming, but know at the same time how very much I am going to miss my baby.

It’s funny, I feel as if I am playing tug of war with myself all the time…trying to get just the ‘right’ amount of time (there’s that dreaded idea again) with my little man and then trying the find just the right balance for the rest of my life somewhere precarelessly in there, too. Yet, funny thing is- I keep thinking if I’m not careful…none of it will matter and it will be gone before I can even blink an eye. So, I try to say a prayer every night that I will cherish every.single.little.moment no matter how small or exhausting they sometimes can be.


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I had the very best night of uninterrupted sleep in oh, let’s say ages. I can’t even remember the last time I acquired over 5 hours of sleep in the same setting. This is truly a remarkable event, so remarkable that I am writing it in my calendar in a red sharpie!! The day I regained my sleep!! Hallelujah!!

I feel like a NEW woman. Okay, I probably can’t make that claim just yet- but, I do feel pretty darn good considering 17 months of sleepless nights. (And yes, that may be a bit of an exageration.) 

If I were you, I would be DYING to know what I have to thank for this amazing feat?

That my dear friends would be ground up CHICKEN (seasoned in butter, thyme, and garlic) along with carrots, spinach, and peas. 

My little man gobbled up this concoction as if he had never eaten food before.  Who would have known meat would do the trick!?! He also drank my milk from a sippy cup. Is he growing up or what?

I made a big batch, too- which means we have about 8 servings left in the freezer and enough for tonight and tomorrow!!

I can’t even imagine 3 days of sleep. I am in heaven simply trying to imagine it.

I will try to post some photos of his new favorite food, as time permits.  Regardless of pictures, I will add the recipe in a few days. Mommies, the secret is out- meat is your friend!!

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I had intended to show a picture or two of Garrett’s first taste of bananas from today, but after taking the camera upstairs to print off some pictures, I accidentally left it there and am waaaaay too lazy to get up and go get it. Plus, I am in bed. I wish I had my laptop set to share the upstairs’ computer’s files- but again, I am too lazy to have something that elaborate set up.

So, yes Garrett had a banana today. It wasn’t planned by any means- I actually was going to go with pears next. Garrett had other plans. I was carrying him around the house with me this morning, when around 11, I decided I was going to grab a banana to eat before they became too ripe. (FYI, organic bananas not only TASTE sooooo much better, they take longer to ripen.)  So, there I was peeling the banana back, when little piggy literally grabs the top of it. He managed to help me break it off and drop half of it in the floor, too.

Anyway, I figured since we have a bunch of bananas we should go ahead and introduce these to him. Plus, I am pretty positive it will be asked in a couple of weeks when we go home, whether or not he has had bananas and if I say no, I will have to explain why. Which really there never WAS a reason why he hasn’t had them, other than my doctor recommended starting rice cereal and veggies first. I agreed that I thought veggies were better to introduce first- as the theory goes, it can help them to establish a liking for veggies later in life.  We shall see if it holds any truth. Or you may hear me in twenty years, “Now Garrett, you know those peas were one of your first foods and favorites I might add…you really should eat more veggies. Mommy knows best.” Let’s hope not, though.

My Sweet Potato Pie!

My Sweet Potato Pie!

 Just a bit more rambling and I will be done….I do have a few pictures I can substitute for the banana session that I have from his adventures with sweet potatoes. These are from about 2 weeks ago and I think this is the first time he tried them, too! My piggy loves him some sweet potatoes!

Of course, he seemed to really dig the banana, too. He was actually sounding out ”yummm.” He ended up eating about a quarter of a small one, all smashed up. I also let him play with a piece to help build on his hand coordination and to help him get the idea of what different foods feel like. I can’t wait to post those pictures. But, again I can wait at least a few days, my bed is pretty darn comfy.


Polishing off the jar.

Polishing off the jar.

Garrett has now had rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, avocados, peas, sweet potatoes, green beans and bananas. Wow!! That’s a whole lot of food! I’m interested in seeing if he has gained more that the normal. I don’t think he has though even though he still nurses 8 or so times a day, I’m sure he has reduced his milk intake. Who knows though, maybe he is really big. We go next week for his checkup, I am taking a wild guess that he is 18, maybe 18 and 1/2 pounds. Anyone care to take a guess? Wait HOLD THAT THOUGH….I have an idea for a FUTURE post!!

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Yesterday, in an attempt to give Garrett some avocado I decided to try something different. We haven’t mixed foods together yet and well, the avocados I had didn’t yield much fruit because they were starting to turn. So, I salvaged as much of the fruit as I could – which was probably the equivalent of 2 or 3 tablespoons and added rice cereal and breast-milk to the mixture. It turned out to be a hit- so I am posting a guide for making this mixture in case anyone would like to give it a try.

2-3 TABLESPOONS Avocados

1 TABLESPOON Rice Cereal (could add more for a thicker consistency)

2-3 TABLESPOONS Breast-milk or Formula

Obviously, it isn’t rocket science. Just play around with it until you get the right consistency. It turned out really good though and as an FYI, avocados are LOADED with the good fat and have been linked to promoting healthy brain development.

BTW, if you ever make avocados for your baby it is very easy to freeze if you have mixed it in a food processor. I haven’t had any problems with browning at all. Simply add to ice-cube trays, wrap with plastic wrap and freeze. Once frozen, pop out and store in a freezer bag for future use.

Hope you give it a try!

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with…a…grocery…store. And for the record Beth, I swear that was going to be my post BEFORE I read yours! BTW, do you go by Beth or Carol or both, as in Carol Beth? I have always wondered. Anyway…let me get on to my post.

Having a somewhat annoyingly productive, yet SAD day does have a perk or two, yet (I worked a full 8 hours, went to my dermatologist appointment, THEN the grocery store and was back by 7 p.m. tonight, only to read 2 books to Garrett, hand him BACK over to his Daddy for shower time and then whisk him to bed at 8:30 p.m.’sniff sniff’) to get that perk.  Did you catch all that? Whee…. for the very long record, being without Garrett for 10 hours doesn’t exactly make anything very worth it. (Although, I did see him briefly at lunch and again after my appointment- but lunch involved no contact with me pumping and after the appt. briefly held him in the car and nursed him, definitely not ideal!) So what grocery store has me all hot and bothered, forgetting how horrible working full time would be with a baby at home, you ask? Lowes Food Store.

It is the shisnit. If that’s even a word. Translation- very very cool indeed and huge. Did I say HUGE, I meant (silent H)… YUGE as in Über. And everything, produce related was labeled on (again) YUGE SIGNS that read where the produce rolled in from and whether it was organic or not. Surprisingly, most of the produce WAS from the U.S. and Canada. I was in heaven.  Big fat plump green grapes grown in, you got it the good ol’ U.S. of A!

The place is immaculant. The deli impeccable– WILD Alaskan Salmon! Another favorite, stuffed Chicken filets with Spinach and Feta Cheese- which I had to get. I purchased 2 filets weighing almost a pound for less than $5, not too shabby for a nice dinner. They have so many products, that I can’t even begin to give it all to you. I took an hour and a half to get $60 worth of groceries. But, in my defense of taking sooooo long, I was 1) babyless and 2) determining how to best spend my money.

There were so many things, I wanted but knew we didn’t need….it was hard to narrow it down. And for some reason, this store made me WANT to read labels more, well actually Garrett is the reason I read labels more often. For instance, I don’t know how up and up you guys stay on news, but China is AGAIN having issues with tainted things- this time it’s baby food, of all things. How horrible is that? Anyway, so I glanced at the packaged fruit cups in syrup from Dole and Delmonte (I snack on these to give me some vitamin c), guess where they are packaged? The pears- China. The pineapples- The Philippines, another Thailand; one in Spain. What? That seriously can’t be a good thing. So, this gets me on a frenzy…determined to buy all U.S.A or Canadian products on this visit. (I know, I know I can really be anal at times- but, I want to make a statement!) We need to buy more things locally. In the end, I think I had maybe 2 items that I wasn’t 100% that they were packaged in the U.S.A. Hey that isn’t too bad, out of about 20 items.

The only downside to this particular location is they didn’t carry the baby food (Earth’s Best) I wanted and until I purchase a sieve/food mill I have been buying this type of baby food because its from Oregon, Organic and comes in a jar. Good, very good.  They also failed to carry any ‘earth friendly’ diapers which I was sure they would with everything else that was organic. Oh well, I mentioned it….so maybe I will see it next time.

Oh and before I forget the WHOLE reason I went there in the first place- they sent me 4 coupons for each week in a month for $10 OFF of a purchase of $40 or more. Yep, so I bought 75 bucks worth for only 65. Bargain indeed, I bet you’re already searching for a store near you. And the VERY BEST part of this store- I saw other shoppers with GREEN BAGS!!  Seems you get rewarded with 50 green points for every bag you bring with you and use! Points are also given for how much spent. The points are then good for free or discounted groceries and even merchandise. I’m not positive the value system, but I did notice that 1000 points could be redeemed for a free 6 oz container of organic yogurt- which is a descent enough deal, since you could rack up 1200 points in 2 months just from bringing in 3 of your own bags.

I hope some of my love rubbed off on you guys and you’re able to find a Lowe’s Food near you. It really is marvelous darling, marvelous I tell you.

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