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That’s what the lady on the other end of the phone had to tell me, when I called about Garrett’s birth certificate. Let me rewind a bit. One month after Garrett was born, I like any good and eager parent filled out the form to receive a copy of Garrett’s birth certificate. I mailed it off with the required document completed to a tee and a check in the amount needed to obtain his birth certificate (which I believe was about $10 or $15) and waited.

Two weeks later, when I receive a letter with my voided check stating they now need a copy of my driver’s license along with my signature to verify who I am. In case, I wasn’t his mother and all. Sure, okay I can do that. So, I copy my driver’s license and stuff everything into a new envelope and plop another 40 however much cent stamp onto it. I wait.

Amother two weeks pass and I receive Garrett’s birth certificate! I am so excited, I nearly rip the manila folder apart. I carefully take it out to examine it. Seems gone are the days of the pretty ‘certificate’ style birth record and in are the days of a gray ugly looking paper with raised seal stated on 3 straight lines, this is the child and these are the parents. No information of time of birth or who the doctor was, just our names. And absolutely, no foot prints either. I used to love looking at my birth certificate as a child. I’m not for sure why, I guess it has to do with this sense of here I am and the world recorded it. Plus I simply love genealogy and ‘records’, especially pretty ones are so fun to look at- it allows one to peer further into the time period and gage what it was like then. But, not now…of course maybe this is just South Carolina? I would be interested in what a birth certificate looks like elsewhere….

Anyway, let me return to my saga. As I am peering down at this yucky looking not what I was intending to receive document, in disbelief I realize that they have Bryan’s name incorrect- not as in spelled wrong, but as in not his real name. Close, but incorrect. My husband’s first name isn’t Bryan and Garrett’s middle name is an adaption of Bryan’s first to allow for some lineage from his father, who first name is also Bryan’s. Did you get all that, without me for privacy sake giving it all away?

So, what does a mother who is now on pitch three do when the bases are loaded? I call and ask what I am supposed to do? The lady on the other line states that everything is fine, simply make a photo copy of my husband’s driver’s license, enclose it with the birth certificate along with a note stating what is wrong. She says it’s that simple and they will correct the situation. I’m estatic, but I admit a bit surprised that it is going to be that easy. So rather than be defeated again, I sit the document aside and merely glance at it in disgust for the next, oh 3 months. When will I really have time to complete this? Oh, I picked it up numerous times, only to stare at it and gently return it to its resting place hoping that the longer I waited the more likely the certificate would magically state the correct name of my baby’s father. 

It didn’t- so finally, with as much bravery as I can find and feeling confident that the lady on the phone was telling the truth, I take every step she gives me and even make copies for myself as proof. Proof of what I am not so sure about. I again place all the documents into an envelope, seal it and put yet another 40 some cent stamp onto it and mail it off. And I wait.

It came Friday. I was so proud I thought I was going to jump up and down. I hadn’t even opened it yet. Yes, you read that correctly, “yet”.  This time I was slow to open the letter and as I did I realized his birth certificate wasn’t included, but rather a letter outlining the steps I needed to take to have his certificate corrected. What the….?!?!

In this outline it states that I am to have my husband go to a notary, have his DL copied, have him sign his name and then have the notary ‘notarize’ the document. I am then supposed to take this attached to another form that needs to be filled out – then and only then can I return these WITH a $10 check to complete the changes so that my son actually has a BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!! Nevermind, that he has had a social security card since he was about 3 weeks old.

Upon reading this, I am irrate. I haven’t been this mad since our doctor issues- so I call and state the obvious that fine I will complete the BS but I am not going to pay more money for their error. At which the lady on the other end states matter a fact like “Well, I guess your son won’t have a birth certificate then.” And then self-righteously with almost a giggle (as if to say I told them the wrong name for my baby’s daddy in the hospital, she uttered those four words without any feeling, cutting me off- “That’s not OUR problem.”

I am left speechless.


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I love being in South Carolina on the 4th of July. The festivities always begin a few days early and continue for a couple more. The best part of living here on the 4th, has to be the fireworks. Although you have to have a permit for the really exciting fireworks, you can find them up and down the beach for miles and miles. Simply grab a blanket and take a seat and sit back and enjoy. This is definitely the life. We left the house at 7:30 for dinner at a local pizza joint, called Capricco’s and enjoyed a wonderful pie before heading for some firework action of our own. By 9:00, as the sun was finally setting far into the west, you could start to hear fireworks in every direction. Once we got on the road, you could see them too.
I remember as a child driving through South Carolina on our way to our annual Florida vacation and stopping because we HAD to get fireworks. It was all my brother and I knew about the state of South Carolina. It was the place you bought really cool fireworks. We would bring them home and my stepfather would set them off on the 4th for us. They never lasted long enough. My brother always managed to keep his stink bombs for use weeks later. Those days really seem like ages ago. Who would of thunk it, I would be living with my own family in that ‘fireworks’ state!

Outside of Drunken Jack’s- where we met family friends from Marion, Greg and Pat Berry. We forgot to get any pictures with them!! Shame on us!

Cooling off in the shade, after walking on the Marsh Walk at Murrells Inlet, we missed the Boat Parade, but Garrett still showed off that he was a boat fan!

Yes, that’s Bryan and Garrett on the beach during fireworks. Don’t ask, we only stayed for about 15 minutes and Garrett’s ears were covered the ENTIRE time, except maybe in this picture…eeek.

This year was a great experience, not very eventful but it definitely was a learning process- that planning and participating in holidays is a major process with a child. We had fun being together as a family! All three of us were worn out by the end of the night and ready for some R & R. We even slept in this morning for the first time in a long time!!

One of Garrett’s many faces as I tried to captured a ‘birthday’ smile!

Side notes:

  • Garrett turned 3 months today!! YAH! Unfortunately, he has had a horrible teething day. More on that tomorrow.
  • My brother is safely back in the U.S. from his Bolivia trip and I am excited to share some pictures as soon as he sends them my way!

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