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My Climbing Monkey…

This is what we have been up to lately…p11000131









So yes, we are still alive. As you can see my monkey is keeping me busy. But…hopefully we can resume some posts before long. I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season.


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I had the very best night of uninterrupted sleep in oh, let’s say ages. I can’t even remember the last time I acquired over 5 hours of sleep in the same setting. This is truly a remarkable event, so remarkable that I am writing it in my calendar in a red sharpie!! The day I regained my sleep!! Hallelujah!!

I feel like a NEW woman. Okay, I probably can’t make that claim just yet- but, I do feel pretty darn good considering 17 months of sleepless nights. (And yes, that may be a bit of an exageration.) 

If I were you, I would be DYING to know what I have to thank for this amazing feat?

That my dear friends would be ground up CHICKEN (seasoned in butter, thyme, and garlic) along with carrots, spinach, and peas. 

My little man gobbled up this concoction as if he had never eaten food before.  Who would have known meat would do the trick!?! He also drank my milk from a sippy cup. Is he growing up or what?

I made a big batch, too- which means we have about 8 servings left in the freezer and enough for tonight and tomorrow!!

I can’t even imagine 3 days of sleep. I am in heaven simply trying to imagine it.

I will try to post some photos of his new favorite food, as time permits.  Regardless of pictures, I will add the recipe in a few days. Mommies, the secret is out- meat is your friend!!

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I thought I would share how much monkeying around Baby G has been into lately. If this first picture doesn’t clue you in for what’s to come, I don’t know what will. All I know, there’s definitely a trend taking place…









*Disclaimer* These pictures are not staged (see stains, bruise, and wet pee mark for proof).

I found this nifty idea over at The Natural Mommy, a new blog I just started checking out- she’s witty and sincere and natural. So go ahead and check out her blog. She also used this widget from Mr. Linky, too. Pretty darn cool. This means, if you are reading and have any photos/memories for the week that you are dying to share, here’s your chance. Link your post (individual, not homepage) in Mr. Linky…then I and anyone else can come see what memories you are sharing this week! Yes, it’s another meme…they’re addictive it seems.

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Tonight, for the first time in ages I looked back to a few old photos while cleaning the computer of all our thousands of pictures. It was amazing sitting there by myself and seeing just how much Garrett had grown and how far he has come over the months. Heck, I would like to say that I think Bryan and I are doing an okay job at this parenting thing. Although, that wouldn’t be truthful given the twenty times a day that I wonder relentlessly to myself on how in the world this child is doing fine with me as his mother- who has been known to leave a heating pot of soup on the stove for over a half an hour before *oops* realizing it was there (I can’t smell ANYTHING dang-it!) or that half the time I’m really only guessing whether it’s his teeth bothering him or he’s sick and we should call the doctor.


Aside from all that, as I started looking through a few more photos that are scattered on the laptop computer, I became a bit sad that I was no longer pregnant. Yep, it hit me like a TON of bricks! I never thought I would be one of those women, but alas I am. I miss feeling my belly all round and all the other areas go pudgy. I miss feeling a tiny flutter and then those first few rolls and then the kicks. The jabs, the inability to sit comfortably, the backache and even the big fat cankles at the end. Why…you ask?


Maybe it has to do with knowing Baby G is growing and slowly spreading his tiny wings so he may enter the world and fly away from me. Maybe, it’s the delicateness of having another beating heart inside yourself that makes you feel incomplete without it, that is unless baby lays against your chest and you feel him breath as if it were those first few breathes. Perhaps, it’s the unknown and surreal beauty in wondering those nine long months and every.single.day.since. what he will be like or become. Whatever, it is- I know this; it all passes by too quickly. There are not enoughdays in a year or hours in a day to fully encompass and appreciate the life that forms within you or to fully understand and acknowledge the individual that is developing, being molded by your own actions and the environment that stands around him. And then, it takes your breath away as you realize how important you are to this one person and how important this one person is to you. And, suddenly nothing else matters but family. LOVE takes on an entirely different meaning.


That’s when I glanced back to pictures taken 2-3 weeks before ‘we’ got pregnant. We stripped the wallpaper from the upstairs guest room and painted it blue. Boat Blue to be exact. Three weeks later, I was meeting a friend for a drink and I was famished. No big deal. The next day, it happened again as I had my hair trial for the wedding. Oh, I was simply running in circles with the wedding. No sweat, I would grab a bite later. And then, I was painting baby name blocks and getting ready to head to Marion for a baby shower. When, I had a feeling. It was my boss at the time that announced it to me “Mark my words, you’re pregnant!” My boss was a guy, so I knew I needed to take the test. Three tests later, we were positive.  And from looking at the photos, I do believe I had angel’s dust sprinkled all over me.


I believe that Boat Blue room and Baby G was our destiny. Our Manifest Destiny to be exact.

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Garrett and I slept in this morning since Daddy had to be at work early this morning. When we did wake up, around 10 my little man was all smiles. He was babbling away about something rather interesting. He has found so many sounds lately and I simply love hearing him vocalize, even if I haven’t a clue as to what he is trying to say.

Although, today I really think he was telling me that he has a tooth that needs to be brushed. OK, let me rewind a bit. For the last few days, whenever I brush my teeth I let Garrett watch and it absolutely fascinates him! He stares and smiles and then laughs.

This morning while in bed (we usually lay around for a good ten minutes), as we were chatting- Garrett gently pressed his gums against my thumb. As if to say, ‘Mommy, this is what I am trying to tell you about!’ When he pressed his gums against my thumb, sure enough I could feel a spikey little tooth breaking through his gums. Not in the original place I was sure he would land a tooth, but rather on the opposite side. The front right tooth is now emerging.

Up until this point, we had felt hard knots on his gums in various locations (predominantly on the left side and upper front)- but this is the first spikey object I have felt! 

Funny thing is, he hasn’t had any real symptoms. Maybe because he was sick last week and it masked all of it. Really though, he has been an angel. He did push on this tooth over and over with his tongue the last few days. I figured it meant a tooth was coming, but I shrugged it off because I figured nothing would emerge as usual.

I can’t wait until it pops out fully so I can take a picture of it and share with all of you!!! Ahhhhh, my baby has a tooth! 🙂

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We have returned!!

'What do I do, now?'

'What do I do, now?'

I can’t say I am ready for a full fledged blow by blow of our trip, but I can give a small peak into what all it involved…cloth diapers on a trip, a sick baby, way too many people and places to see, more things to bring back in an already over-filled vehicle, maple syrup, apple butter, fall leaves, bluegrass, lots of family, love and the prospects of moving back home (being contemplated once again).



'Look at me, Momma!'

'Momma, look at me!'


I plan to post more about the trip, along with photos as soon as I have more than 20 minutes to myself to do so, but I have a ton of things still to unpack and put away. And, that little man of ours is craving ‘mommy’ more than usual since we have returned.




Thinkin' about it...

Thinkin' about it...


As for his 6 months stats, I am HAPPY to report that Leanne was the closest  to his actual weight- he was 17 lbs. and a VERY, VERY LONG 28 and 1/4 inches. Yep, we officially have a skinny little man on our hands who is already on all fours and ready to take off.





Thinking some more...

Thinkin' about it some more....

He’s been rocking back and forth since the day we left! Here’s some pictures to prove it. (Since I missed my Tuesday pictures…ekkk, I think two weeks in a row?) He has also learned to give KISSES/SUGAR upon being asked and has started saying ‘Momma’. I wish I had some type of appartus to record it with to show everyone proof!




'I'm tired, Momma!'

'I'm tired!'


He was at my feet this morning pulling on me and I asked him to say ‘Momma’ and I would then pick him up (nothing like bribery, eh?) and low and behold the words came out something like ‘Mom-ah’. I am smitten. What a wonderful little man I have.

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I thought I would give you guys a heads up that I may end up M.I.A. for the next few days. We are headed out of town and I have a ton of things to get accomplished before we leave. Although, I will have internet access while we are gone, I’m not for sure how much ‘me time’ or ‘internet time’ I will be able to scrape up. No fear though, when we return I’m sure I will have plenty to talk about since we are heading home to visit our families.

Oh, and for anyone that was wondering- I LOVE COMMENTS and just wanted to say thank you to all those wonderful folks that post comments, whether you do so once in awhile or are a regular. Each COMMENT makes my day- no matter how big, small, or how frequent. It’s sooooo much fun to hear how others relate to what I have to say and it helps me gain a greater perspective on my own thoughts and reflection. So again, thank you very much for brightening my day. 🙂

I almost forgot!! Garrett’s stats….oh, wait…I think I will hold off a few more days, least there might be a few others out there thinking about putting in a guess on his weight? His weight might surprise you guys and by the way, I won’t be upset if you guess less or more than what he actually weighs. I swear I did not type the above thank you to solicit more guesses (at least, not at the time I was typing it!)

One more thing!! I completely forgot- the contest that I was running last month, ended with 2 WINNERS (irregardless, if they were their were only 2 that entered it. Sniff. Sniff.) Those two folks were Becky and C. Beth, both fellow bloggers who’s sites you should check out. I have learned a great deal from these two ladies in my short six months as a mommy. Anyway, ladies- your prizes (a green bag and party products for 8 kids) are being shipped out TOMORROW. (That’s one of those tasks I have to complete before we leave!) As for anyone interested, C. Beth is running a contest of her own for a VERY cute little bear she made herself, so enter the contest and let her know I told you about the contest and we both might win a bear!!! Not a bad deal, indeed. So, what are you waiting for- go check her blog out and enter the contest!!!

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