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As you know, Sundays are supposed to be my day for being green, but in the process of switching over to wordpress, I was too tired last night to do any blogging. So, here’s my green post a day late.

For about a month now, Bryan and I have stopped using paper (almost completely, we still have a few bev naps from a party we are using up) and have started using cloth for everything in the kitchen. For meals, we use cloth napkins and we usually use them twice between washing unless they are heavily soiled. It’s been a little tough getting used to not having our papertowels handy, but today, I have officially let go of our papertowel holder and stashed it in our ‘Goodwill’ pile. Of course, I should probably simply toss it out. Least, someone else begins a papertowel addiction!

We currently have about 10 cloth napkins in all. They are all natural in color. I don’t understand why we never did this before because it really seems silly to use paper. Just think of all those trees. What is it, with all the overconsumption and waste in this country? Personally, we have a long way to go in our quest to be green, but this is another great start.

As an fyi, if you can’t make this change, switching to a papertowel without dye is the better choice for the environment. If you do make the switch, here’s a link to the napkins we have. I am sure, however, there are better options that are more eco-friendly. For the meantime, I’m simply happy we are making a small difference. Plus I love that extra savings in our wallet. Simply add up the cost of papertowels and you’ll be amazed by the savings.

**Oh and as a sidenote** I have added Wall*E party products -enough for 8 children to the green bag giveaway as an extra incentive. Although, these items are paper & plastic and very wasteful- I get these items free. They will go to the trash or a relative, if I do not give them away and I would rather they be used than not be used at all. 


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I’ve been trying to decide what day to be GREEN on and exactly what could be included on these posts. I’m still working on the details, but I think Sundays should be GREEN because it’s already my zen day, so it only makes sense to make it green, too.

I’m not going to share any ‘green ideas’ on this post. Rather, I would like to pose a question to you the reader. (I’m also hoping some of those lurkers start speaking up…I mean come on, you can be anonymous and still post!!!)

Anyway, my question is this: What prevents YOU from being more green and how could you change this?

Write up a short thought-provoking paragraph or so that really gets ya’ thinking about all the ways you could and can be more green, along with what personally gets in your way of doing it. In return, I will randomly give away one of my GREEN bags. (After writing this post, I realized this might not be incentive enough. So, I will also be giving away Wall *E party products (enough for a party of 8) along with the green bag- more details on this are on the way. Be sure to check back.

(The contest will last the whole month of September).

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