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So what is the point of saying you have a product, when in essence it isn’t in your store? Why send a coupon of said product if said product is not in said store? To annoy a person like me, that’s why.

I’m talking about a wonderful store called Toys ‘R’ Us and yes, I know if I want baby products, I should go to the Babies ‘R’ Us, but here’s the kicker- there isn’t one in our city only the former. The product I am speaking of is 7th Generation diapers or Nature’s Babycare diapers. I was sent a coupon for the 7th Generation diapers (well actually it was an advertisement- but hey that’s practically the same thing!) and the other, the Nature’s Babycare diapers, well they only had those in newborns. What a tease. Hello? What’s the point?

Further more, I went there to return unneeded nursing pads, lanolin, dishwasher racks and changing pads. All of these items I either no longer have need for or never needed but ‘thought’ I would definitely need. Oh yes…I have an abundance of items I never really needed but it seemed that **everyone** raved about their necessity, their importance in Garrett’s beginning life.

First off, if any newly pregnant woman asks if I need more than one box of nursing pads, I am now making note of this, so that she does not waste money on such an unnecessary item. I almost bought another 3rd box. I don’t know what I thought. I must have been under the impression that Niagara Falls was going to come spilling out or something! Rest assured, it didn’t. I was never a leaker, not at all during pregnancy or hardly at all during the first few weeks and even now while breastfeeding for the 3rd month straight, I have no wet spots at all. Great, now I’m wondering deep down if this is actually normal. Does it mean something that I’m not leaking, that I don’t need this product? This is one of those topics you can’t find a straight answer about anywhere either. Obviously, if I don’t need the pads, I don’t need the 2nd tube of Lanolin either. I haven’t had pain since about the 4th week, I guess I have tough boobies. Of course, it just now occurred to me…what happens when Garrett gets teeth, will I need ointment then? Oh dear God, I hope not. I’m pretty sure my boobies won’t be able to withstand that.

I went through quite the ordeal returning the items, seems they usually don’t return anything without a receipt, even though all the products were on my registry. According to them, this was because my registry is past 90 days from Garrett’s due date! Whatever, I wasn’t buying it and demanded to speak to a manager, who I proceeded to whine to about how I had to get my baby out and bring him in….which is sooooo hard. I have to say Garrett was a trooper, he was awesome! I have been using the Baby Bjorn and it is a lifesaver! I can clean in it and he falls asleep as I clean. I love it. I put him in it the other day as I was grocery shopping, talk about sweet. He loves seeing everything upright and it warrants many more smiles and looks from bypassers. And what mom doesn’t love the baby attention (of course unless he’s asleep, then ya better back off or be prepared for war!) So for the Baby Bjorn, I must send a shout out and a MILLION thanks to my SIL, Julie. It is by far one of the best gifts. EVER.

Ok, so where was I? Oh yes….

I asked the manager, “What exactly was I supposed to do with these products now, recycle them as gifts?” No way, not my style, well…not unless I didn’t need to buy some diapers, that is.

I know, I know pathetic, shame on me…on all accounts. But hey, we did need diapers and until I can get my ‘cloth’ diapers built up we have to suffice and buy the disposables. And that means shelling out at least $10-20 a week. What a waste. Just to end up in a landfill and not break down for billions of years (but this is for another day). So anyway, we paid bills this week and I’m not making all that much working part time which equals no funds for a few days. Now, when times call for tough measures, returning unused items to get diapers is a very economical and savvy idea. Not necessarily something you want to be broadcasting, but hey I lost all couth months ago, actually about 3 months ago if you want to be exact.

Which brings me back to square one- why a store can boast about a product but not deliver on the product. I am trying to be as environmental while I use disposables and was very excited that Toys ‘R’ Us was carrying these products because they are the next best thing to cloth diapers. However, they didn’t have them. Like every other store in this city. Now I am almost to the point that buying any product in person is almost impossible. Therefore, from now on I am only buying diapers from diapers.com.

That is, unless I have gift cards or items to return.


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