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My Climbing Monkey…

This is what we have been up to lately…p11000131









So yes, we are still alive. As you can see my monkey is keeping me busy. But…hopefully we can resume some posts before long. I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season.


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Supervising laundry duties

Supervising laundry duties

I’ve been so off course for the last week or so concerning days. I literally thought it was Monday on Thursday. I blame Bryan for that one, as his work schedule has changed up once again. It never fails to change once I have become comfortable in our routines. So, not much is new- other than I did add some items to my other pages, if you haven’t had the chance you should check them out. I haven’t finished proof-reading (because I hate doing it) so bare with any mistakes for the time being. As my time is a bit stretched these days. I did add pictures, a favorite books link, a milestones link, and a baby food diary to the Baby G tab- if anyone is interested. I am always curious to see what others are doing, reading, eating….yes, I’m a nosey person.

What? Was I supposed to be helping?

What? Was I supposed to be helping?

What else? Oh yes, I have that Etsy shop up and running, there’s a link to the right, one here and one on my Mommy’s Imagination page- which I am trying to include a snapshot of what’s for sale. No luck yet, I can’t seem to figure that out. All in due time, my dear Watson. There’s nothing really magical in it, just some fun I’ve painted for Garrett and friends. I do plan to add a few more things in the coming weeks, so keep looking. Time is the biggest factor. Technically, I should be sleeping right now since I have been a bit late for work this week.

Ahh, and I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow afternoon to figure out if I had an allergic reaction or not. I have a few theories, so we’ll see what the ol’ doc has to say first. It’s starting to heal and I actually feel as if my skin is getting back to normal, I gave myself the equivelent of a chemical peel, minus the chemical. I used baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I know you readers probably think I am bonkers- but it dried it up nice and quickly, plus it was all natural. Thanks for those prayers, I don’t think I could have made it through the weekend without them. Anyway, more on all that tomorrow.

Did ya notice that? I threw in my Tuesday pictures AND gave an update.

I might just be the laziest blogger, eva, eva. And the laziest at putting clothes away, but come-on who even noticed that?

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Garrett isn’t crawling yet, but he sure is putting it all together. He is mobile without crawling- he knows every possible way in which to get from point A to point B within a five feet radius. He has also started leaning on his side and lifting his leg as if exercising. In fact, I am betting this is his way of figuring out how to get in a crawling position.

I realized this weekend, I was too consumed with all the hurricane business to realize my little man had turned 5 months old! He actually turned it the day Hanna made her rather graceful appearance. (Hanna is too nice a name for a Hurricane in my opinion.) In what seems a very short time, he has become quiet the conversationalist and actor. He knowns exactly what sounds warrant him a crowd, as well as which ones bring him kisses and laughs and even no’s. He has perfected letting us know by sound what is bothering him as well. I thought we were going to be on our own on this one, guessing what he wanted! He now has a distinctive sound for a poopy diaper, teeth hurting and tiredness. He is also laughing up a storm! I have started raising his arms and holding them above his head – he responds happily with smiles and giggles. It is so amazing.

I don’t think I want this stage to end. He is becoming so very aware of his world and everything around it. Tonight, while I was typing he awoke and lay silently beside me. I didn’t turn toward him, rather I was trying to complete my passage before logging off and attending to his needs. That’s when I noticed a small finger gingerly tapping my back, as if to say “Hi Mommy, I’m awake.” I can’t even tell you the elation I felt, the pure joy that my little man is figuring so many things out.

He has been falling asleep and waking up and turning onto his stomach, too- ever since he figure out how to flip completely over.  He has moved on to peas with milk, we have put away oatmeal cereal for now, moved back to rice cereal and are continuing the avocados. Oh, and here’s a few random pictures- one of which is of Garrett briefly sitting and observing his rings.

So there’s an update on my little guy, growing up before my very eyes and not wasting one single minute. I truly believe that motherhood/parenthood is the best experience you can receive in this life.

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Tuesday’s Gone with the Wind

This was actually taken about a month ago. I simply wanted to look back and see how much he is growing. I’m sad because all of a sudden it seems like it’s going by way too fast. We weighed him today and he is almost 17 lbs! What’s that about? I miss my little baby. Time sure is precious.

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On Sunday, we had 7 children under the age of 4 hanging out at the picnic. Along with around 15 adults, that makes for a very loud get-together, especially when it starts to rain. None of that seemed to bother Garrett, he took all the noise in and still managed to catch a 45 minute nap. As the crowd was winding down, I noticed how fascinated Garrett is becoming with other children and babies. He keeps a close eye on them and even mimics their actions to an extent. I caught a few pictures of him intrigued by his future ‘friends of the family’ buddies: In the picture above, he is with Ben, our friend Jon’s 3 year old son. It looks like Ben is showing him his toy! Watch out Ben! Garrett might just grab it!

These three pictures, are of Garrett and Allison’s son, Eli (who’s 4 months older).

“Man, how cool are these things called hands?”

It appears that they are catching up on old times, huh?
I absolutely adore how Garrett is looking at Eli throughout these pictures. It’s as if he’s saying, “This is a baby like me! WOW!”

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