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We use at least half less than the amount of detergent called for on its packaging. Give it a try, I promise you will be amazed when your clothing are still clean and smell fresh! I have to admit I have been doing this for years, but then found out I could use even less than what I was using then! In the long-run, this has ended up benefiting us two fold, by using less detergent, we spend less on purchasing it. An extra $8 everso often never hurt anyone, eh? Fabric softners are also a thing of the past. We have stopped using them. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened once Baby G came along. It’s also saved a few bucks here and there. Bryan doesn’t complain about the smell of his clothes so it must not make too big of a difference. I REALLY wish we could line dry our clothing, but we aren’t allowed to have a clothesline because of our ‘Homeowner’s Association’.  I have also started investing in using ‘green’ detergents. I started off purchasing A&H’s free and clear- which means it’s free of dyes and perfumes (things that clog up the green environment) and have now made the switch to Charlie’s Soap- a honest to goodness homemade soap that works wonders on Baby G’s cloth dipes. His diapers have been the main reason for searching for better detergents. I plan to give Mountain Green or Country Save a try soon, too. I am trying to figure out the most economically savvy green detergent now. So, I will be sure to let you know my findings.

I think what is MOST interesting about going green is how it coincides with SAVING money. Geee, you sure would think more folks would jump on that green bandwagon, eh?

Oh well, it can be our little secret for now.


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