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Ok, so yes I usually write something a bit green on Sundays. But, the best I can do tonight is mention that I went to my local city government to find out about their recycling program. Good thing is, they have a program. Bad thing is, we aren’t included in the city- no, we are in the county.

During a ‘neighborhood get-together’ Saturday, I spoke to some neighbors about getting it in our neighborhood- but the old folkies aren’t willing to pay for the service! They outright told me so! Which, I wasn’t even aware they would extend the service to us (at least there was no mention while I was at the city building). Apparently, it is available for a select few for $11.50 a month.

I am irritated because I feel as if it is a bit SELFISH of these older folks to shun the idea because they aren’t willing to pay for the service. I mean this is to make our city cleaner. These neighbors stated they can just haul it off themselves! Well, I don’t have time to haul it off, I barely have time to set the trash out by the driveway every Sunday night, let alone get it all together in different containers and take it somewhere where I separate it into different dumpsters during certain business hours. That really seems like a bigger pain to me than setting it outside with your garbage. And, I wonder are they really ‘separating’ their garbage? And, is this selfish of me? 

Look, I know I should understand their reasoning- but, they have time on their hands. You know the time I’m talking about- the kind where you leave the garage door open, sit in the rocking chair inside that garage and watch what everyone in the neighborhood is doing or that make mental notes as to who needs to keep their yards up more (yeah, I know this already..)

So, I feel like I have the right to state that I think it SHOULD BE MANDATORY that a recycling program exist in my community or at least have a pick-up service AVAILABLE. I mean come on, most major cities have a mandatory program, so why shouldn’t we? Who decides this stuff anyway? The city board or council?

So, I am off this month in hopes of lighting a fire in my community, city and county on making recycling either available to those who want it or in making it mandatory. If anyone has ANY advice on how I can accomplish this goal – please, please, please let me know, I need all the help I can get on this one. BTW, am I being unreasonable?


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