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In a quest to find a few more good blogs to add to my reading list, I stumbled upon a very interesting post concerning Dr. Phil and his ‘soon to be’ show titled “I regret my HOME BIRTH’. Are you appalled, floored, yet?

Home-birthers, Home-birthing wannabe’s, and fellow au naturale ladies- It is time to stand up and set the record straight. The original post, “Why I Hate Dr. Phil: Sensationalizing Home Births” is by Eco Child’s Play author Jennifer Lance. After reading the post, I headed over to Dr. Phil’s, signed up to be on the ‘regretting home-births show’  and let ‘er rip, I was so excited I copied my message to share with each of you, only to forget moments later – which means I copied something else onto my clipboard before posting it here. I know hello, what was I thinking! Anyway, it went a bit like this:

” I did not have a home birth, but before you delete my message, consider this- I did have a hospital birth that I sincerely regretted, with no thanks to a staff of incompetent, insincere and uncommunicative medical practitioners. I do not regret my son’s birth, however because of their lack of the above, I landed a UTI MRSA STAPH INFECTION. Will Dr. Phil be so kind to show the harm taking place in hospitals?”

I actually think that may have been better than the original- go figure. Anyway, you should do the same if you would like justice for the ‘misconceptions’ the media make, of course we know that isn’t what sells though.  Maybe we should petition Oprah?


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