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5 A.M. and I am WIDE awake.

I’ve had an eczema attack the past 2 nights. Last night, I was able to go back to sleep. Tonight, not so much- mainly because I think I have finally realized what has been plaguing me all these years. I an ALLERGIC to DAIRY. Mainly milk, but in large doses together, pretty much all things dairy. Ever since Garrett was conceived I have been paying more attention to what I eat and well, it simply makes sense now.

I had yogurt, butter, sour cream, ranch dressing, cheese, and ice-cream Saturday. And, I woke up itching. (face included) Yesterday, I had all the same minus ice-cream in much larger doses- mainly cheese and butter. Now, it isn’t severe. It’s manageable, but I feel as if my skin is crawling. I have also noticed I become very bloated after eating a meal high in the above. This has to be it, so without further ado I am removing dairy one by one from my diet. Lucky me, eh?

Two weeks ago, I removed milk (as in eating cereal) and my skin is no longer cracking on the sides of my lips. I have also removed any irritants from my skin, such as makeup, harsh soaps or washing dishes- but, this I have always done and they have never ‘triggered’ it only made already irritated skin worse. It makes so much more sense now. I have always worked in restaurants, consuming the food and never knew ‘the milk ingredients’ that I was ingesting. I also reintroduced a larger quantity of dairy when I found out I was pregnant with Garrett. I was worried I wasn’t getting enough calcium. Go figure and that’s really when my horrible flare-ups started back up!

It’s funny, too because when I look back to other times when my ‘allergy’ has been this severe- diary has always been a food I have eaten and continued to eat as I ‘eliminated’ things that came in contact with my skin rather than what I ingested. The more I think back, I DID grow up right next door to a DAIRY farm. Yep, I had milk out of a jug and butter scraped straight from the top of the milk. Hello?

Plus, my mother has always had allergies. My brother’s children have been seeing an allergist who is sure their own eczema is linked to dairy. My sister-in-law says she has seen definitely seen a difference when they consume dairy, too. 

Oh, and the dermatologist though this was an open and shut case of what I originally said I thought it was- but now I am thinking it isn’t at all. He believes the face and hands are unrelated, but I don’t at all- they act and itch exactly the same just as other areas do on my body during a flare up. He prescribed me the antibiotics and an acne medicine. Which seems like such a joke to try and mask an issue or kill good bacteria to get rid of something affecting your immune system. I have also noticed it is more at bay when I take Claritin regularly. But, that my friend is expensive! Even the dermatologist stated it’s hereditary and that an ‘allergist’ would recommend I remove all dairy from my diet. So, I am going to schedule an appointment with an allergist to get help in removing the right diary triggers because obviously some diary in the past hasn’t been as big of an issue for me. I need to figure out if it is the whey or the other type of enzyme in milk that is the culprit.

I am praying I have finally figured this out. Perhaps, this go around its been a bit of a blessing so I can try to keep Garrett from being as affected by this horrible condition. And yes, unfortunately he has 2 eczema patches behind his ears already. I’m determined not to let him suffer like I have.

Now, if only I can go back to sleep for a couple more hours and remember NO diary for the next week or two. Oh, what a ugly world it will be.


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