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It’s been miserably humid the last few days with thunderstorms in the afternoon that have simply made matters worse. So, in honor of all that humidity, I let Garrett break in his new diapers sans his onesie. The diaper Garrett is sporting in the picture is a cow print by Happy Heiny’s. It’s intended for his Gramma, who simply loves cows. Actually, LOVE is an understatement. When I browsed online in search of cloth diapers, it took me all but a minute to know I had to get these. For all I cared they could have been the old fashioned kind, with pins as fasteners. This was the one diaper I knew we were getting and for the record for all the wrong reasons, but then I did some homework on them and it turns out they are the 2nd most bought pocket diaper. So there, I wasn’t completely insane for just going by looks at first.
Garrett seems to love his diapers thus far, too and I must say I am smitten as well. I need to acquaint myself with a few basics in laundering and storing the used diapers, but other than that-we are ready for the change. Bryan included. I think that’s the most amazing part, is he is on board and not reluctantly. What more could a girl ask for?

I guess that’s what is so fascinating about cloth diapers, they have really come a long, long way. The options and choices are really endless. I’m very disappointed we don’t have more. We have 6 one size pockets and 2 diaper/cover things. More on those in another post. The diapers we purchased are simply adorable. Last night we tested the one in the picture. I’ll try to explain the concept of a pocket diaper, its that in essence- a pocket. The outer layer is water resistant and the inner (that touches baby’s skin) is a fleece material. Then there are inserts that go in between the two, hence the pocket. You can stuff these as full as you want, but two is probably all you really need and would want to do. To learn more on the different types of cloth diapers, go here. For a picture of the inside of a Happy Heiny pocket diaper, click here.

However, what I didn’t know when I got my diapers was that I had to wash the inserts to make them more absorbent. At least 3 times it said. So I did that, but I didn’t try them. It didn’t seem completely necessary, but the paper does say wash and dry. Go figure. Considering I didn’t dry the inserts as many times as I should have, I was surprised at the absorbency level of just one insert. We only stuffed the diaper with one of the inserts for the night and it lasted 8 hours before beginning to leak. That’s pretty good, I can’t imagine how long it would last with an extra insert.

Today, we tried two others (Baby Kangas and Haute), both one size also. Tonight, we are checking out the BumGenuis 3.0, (another one size) which is supposed to be all the rave! After that we have two more to try. I will be sure to post more on each of these later. I had originally intended for the post to be short and sweet. Ummm, yeah right.

For those of you unfamiliar with cloth diapering and wondering, a one size cloth diaper is a diaper that moves/grows in size with your child. Yep, that means Garrett stays in the same diapers until he’s potty trained or about 35 lbs. Whichever comes first…not too shabby, if ya ask me.
Stay tuned for more tomorrow…
And in sticking with the title, here’s some more ‘cow’ photos of Garrett from last week. Enjoy!

What a great baby.


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