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Although, I wish I could say I am talking about the small spin I took Garrett on today as I was sitting upstairs FIXING our Internet connection, I am not. I am talking about the rhetoric that Palin and yes, Biden at times conversed in last night. Unfortunately, I am only a little over half way finished watching the debate via You Tube. I didn’t get to watch the debate as planned because for a little over 20 hours we were without cable or internet! How unheard of is that! Anyway, I can promise that what I have heard thus far, is Biden afraid of jabbing Palin the wrong way least he get butchered for it by the media and an Alaskan governor dancing merrily around any type of answer to the questions.

From the get go, Palin managed to dodge the question. I mean think about it, who can give a grade if an answer is never given? I guess this can be considered a strategy, I consider it a ploy to cover your butt from saying the wrong thing. Although, from what I have watched she was more graceful, more akin to the smarty pants she was when she accepted her nomination. So, I guess she gets a C for that. Now, I’m not saying Biden is the greatest- but, I would take him any day of the week over her- because let’s face it at least he can counter comments about his beliefs and answer the questions being asked without resorting to name calling first or without having to resort to colloquialism in his speech just to appeal to the masses.

Bottom-line is, appealing to the masses shouldn’t be necessary because this shouldn’t be a popularity contest. It should be about the issues and what each one of them believe in, what their records are on whether they actually do hold these beliefs and vote accordingly and good Lord willing, what is in the BEST INTEREST of the children who will inherit this great land. Isn’t that what we should base our beliefs on?

Warning: Proceed at your own risk, skim over or skip…the following are my opinions on issues our country face.

WAR to me is not a necessity or a means to an end. Diplomacy should come first. We should stop the need to police the world and start policing here at home. Helping create JOBS here in the U.S. should come first, not tax breaks for big corporations overseas. New energy needs to be tapped, but we need a substainable future and we need to RATIFY the KYOTO PROTOCOL. (As much as we can be sustainable because unfortunately everything leaves a footprint.) We should be able to bare arms. Our children should have the opportunity to go to college for a REASONABLE amount of money and teachers should get better incentives/paid what they DESERVE based on a level of accountability (but, not as it is with the NCLB Act). Overall, we need extensive reform/restructuring of our education system- it is failing BIG TIME. Everyone should be afforded health care (even if it means raising taxes to do so and yes I have insurance, but I would more than willingly pay for health insurance that affords me to take off and be with my son under a medical leave act). Morally, I believe judgement by the color of your skin, gender, religion or sexual preference shouldn’t be passed. The right to life should be a woman’s decision, plain and simply- you have to live with yourself everyday. Our prison system is not reabilitation, but rather a money gussler and needs reforming and rethinking. I believe the word God should remain in our government documents, prayers, etc….but, religion should be separate from the state in matters of decision making.

(End of rant.)

With that said, I am also offering up a GREAT WEBSITE I recently was made aware of by a local radio station here at the beach (92.1) that gives you a breakdown of how HONEST the candidates are being. It checks their facts. So, when in doubt, check it out and maybe you might find something out you didn’t know about your choice or the other guy or gal. http://www.FactCheck.org

Another great site, to the right under the TITLE ‘Let’s Get Political’ is Political Compass. It’s a fun way to measure you true belief system with what the politicians believe. Give it a try, I guarantee you will be surprised.

And, as for me- simply tune out to my beliefs, skip over or skim over them until you get to the other stuff and try real hard not to hold it against me for being so political. It’s just in my nature and it has to do with my college major- International Studies. So, technically I cannot help myself. So purty peas….hang in there and continue reading my blog, like I said- my banter will significantly decrease in another month or so…at least on the topic of the presidential election. 🙂


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