Too Early to Tell

This morning I woke up more alert than I have been in ages. Perhaps, it was the uninterrupted 6 hours of sleep I got (count that, six WHOLE hours…I feel like a NEW WOMAN!) or the fact that I knew if I was stealth enough, I could get up and manage to have a nice hour or so to myself before Baby G awakes. This morning is different than most mornings because:

a) the hubby doesn’t have to go to work

b) I don’t either

c) it’s Saturday!!

What a treat! So you can imagine my delight and urgency in enjoying the morning.

See that’s where my hubby and I differ. Even though I could definitely use the extra hours of sleep, my mind is going warp speed conceiving all the things I can jam-pack into my new window of opportunity. These moments are truly rare. They must be pounced upon the moment they arrive!


In the midst of knowing I am racing against the clock, I started making coffee. In the last two months, I have slowly regained my obsession and sweet addiction with that first cup of Joe. In the process, I was frantically trying to plan out my morning. 

Literally, I was swimming in ideas. I was a college student writing a term paper.

I would blog first. I could schedule a couple of bills. Nah, not much fun. Oh, I can look up hams for Thanksgiving at the Honey Ham Company. No, wait…scratch that I will respond to those folks I keep intending to get back to via email and facebook. Then, I can also email overdue pictures of Baby G to the family. Although, isn’t that the POINT of this blog. Hell-o? Or, I could work on a few other projects and favors in the making. Then I thought, slow down Nelly! (Brakes applied.) I thought to myself, “You’re most likely chewing off more than you can chew.”

Lost in thought, I caught myself holding the refrigerator door open with the coffee pot in my left hand trying diligently to place it into the side door of the refrigerator. Yep, you heard that right. I’m confessing here, that it took me a second to realize what I was doing.

There was this weird moment, where my brain clicked and said to me, “Ahhh, psst…hey you…I don’t think that’s where that goes.” It WAS an extremely strange feeling, sorta out of a Salvador Dali type dream.

Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory, 1931

I am pretty sure that old adage applies this morning. Let’s hope for my sake, it’s simply a glimpse of the mind slightly slipping in older age, rather than the full Monty. Of course, I still think it’s too early to tell.


A sight for sore eyes.



I never thought I would see gas go back to pre 2000 prices, but atlas it has. I took this picture last night on my drive home. Funny thing is, C. Beth has a post with a gas price picture, too. (She didn’t go where I’m about to go though…) In my opinion, this has needed to happen for awhile, better yet we need to come up with some alternatives- and, as much happiness as this brings me as it does you…it has MANY political implications. I’m not going to get into exactly why I think gas has micraculously went down all.of.a.sudden. I do think it’s safe to say that I’m pretty sure it has something to do with that guy leaving office in January. Which, if I think about it a bit more…why exactly couldn’t that have been done sooner?

I’m going to go out on a limb here, (even though I’m definitely not going to get into why prices have dropped) remember when those naysayers who said the housing market was too good to be true and pointed to a global meltdown about a year or two ago and NO ONE listened.

I know many of you probably don’t agree with my political outlook, so as I continue, you may want to LOOK AWAY…yeah, somewhere over there. Again, I am NOT going to go into why I think gas has dropped. (I’m just giving you some fuel to feed the fire, so to speak. No pun intended.)

With that said- I feel oil was definitely the reason we went into Iraq and if you can’t see that, well, obviously you aren’t reading this. Let’s travel back to when the U.S. was about to invade Iraq. Now, do you recall the burning of Iraq oil fields by it’s own people? Ok, so think how high gas prices have climbed in the last 8 years. Ok, I hope you have that mental image. Hold it there. Then take those implications and think about how oil demands have dropped this summer, the era of a president is ending and that the economy is shit- Whatcha got? You bet ya bottom dollar- some pockets are lined and overflowing about now. So, why wouldn’t you drop the price after making yourself super rich?

Discussion? Won’t you feed the fire, too?

Wishing for Warmer Days

The Perfect Path

A Walk on the Beach



Monkey Moments

I thought I would share how much monkeying around Baby G has been into lately. If this first picture doesn’t clue you in for what’s to come, I don’t know what will. All I know, there’s definitely a trend taking place…









*Disclaimer* These pictures are not staged (see stains, bruise, and wet pee mark for proof).

I found this nifty idea over at The Natural Mommy, a new blog I just started checking out- she’s witty and sincere and natural. So go ahead and check out her blog. She also used this widget from Mr. Linky, too. Pretty darn cool. This means, if you are reading and have any photos/memories for the week that you are dying to share, here’s your chance. Link your post (individual, not homepage) in Mr. Linky…then I and anyone else can come see what memories you are sharing this week! Yes, it’s another meme…they’re addictive it seems.

A Dirty Green Post-It

“Yellow, let it Mellow. Brown, Flush it Down.”

Gone are the days of the Outhouses, how would we have managed?

This is a wonderful tip for conserving water. Of course, some may not be able to stomach the thought of pee sitting unflushed for the world to see for long amounts of time. I have no problem with it if it’s just the family hanging out, but I have a double standard when guests are coming round and it includes making sure the bathrooms are fully functional and non-repelling. I even have nice smelling soaps hanging out, even though I can’t use half of them (freaking eczema) and I can’t smell any of them (freaking weird phenomenon).

Anyway, it’s a practice to think about starting. You could even go as far as only flushing paper when it’s a poop, too. That way the sewer systems and septic tanks aren’t over-clogged. Or, if you really wanna be green, you could start using cloth for your own bum. Yep, that’s right- have a wastebasket nearby, wipe and toss and REMEMBER to launder. I’m not for sure I CAN LEAP that FAR, just yet. Of course, I have heard it is worth it’s weight in gold to make the switch, seems the ol’ bum can’t fathom anything different after you try it once. It does sound nice, once you get over the yuck factor. I don’t know though, if only I wouldn’t be the one washing….

And here, we’re practically using sandpaper because it’s so darn cheap. (Angel Soft) I still can’t manage to pay $5 for a 4 pack of something that will be sent down the toilet drain. Hmmm, maybe we should switch?

Manifest Destiny



Tonight, for the first time in ages I looked back to a few old photos while cleaning the computer of all our thousands of pictures. It was amazing sitting there by myself and seeing just how much Garrett had grown and how far he has come over the months. Heck, I would like to say that I think Bryan and I are doing an okay job at this parenting thing. Although, that wouldn’t be truthful given the twenty times a day that I wonder relentlessly to myself on how in the world this child is doing fine with me as his mother- who has been known to leave a heating pot of soup on the stove for over a half an hour before *oops* realizing it was there (I can’t smell ANYTHING dang-it!) or that half the time I’m really only guessing whether it’s his teeth bothering him or he’s sick and we should call the doctor.


Aside from all that, as I started looking through a few more photos that are scattered on the laptop computer, I became a bit sad that I was no longer pregnant. Yep, it hit me like a TON of bricks! I never thought I would be one of those women, but alas I am. I miss feeling my belly all round and all the other areas go pudgy. I miss feeling a tiny flutter and then those first few rolls and then the kicks. The jabs, the inability to sit comfortably, the backache and even the big fat cankles at the end. Why…you ask?


Maybe it has to do with knowing Baby G is growing and slowly spreading his tiny wings so he may enter the world and fly away from me. Maybe, it’s the delicateness of having another beating heart inside yourself that makes you feel incomplete without it, that is unless baby lays against your chest and you feel him breath as if it were those first few breathes. Perhaps, it’s the unknown and surreal beauty in wondering those nine long months and every.single.day.since. what he will be like or become. Whatever, it is- I know this; it all passes by too quickly. There are not enoughdays in a year or hours in a day to fully encompass and appreciate the life that forms within you or to fully understand and acknowledge the individual that is developing, being molded by your own actions and the environment that stands around him. And then, it takes your breath away as you realize how important you are to this one person and how important this one person is to you. And, suddenly nothing else matters but family. LOVE takes on an entirely different meaning.


That’s when I glanced back to pictures taken 2-3 weeks before ‘we’ got pregnant. We stripped the wallpaper from the upstairs guest room and painted it blue. Boat Blue to be exact. Three weeks later, I was meeting a friend for a drink and I was famished. No big deal. The next day, it happened again as I had my hair trial for the wedding. Oh, I was simply running in circles with the wedding. No sweat, I would grab a bite later. And then, I was painting baby name blocks and getting ready to head to Marion for a baby shower. When, I had a feeling. It was my boss at the time that announced it to me “Mark my words, you’re pregnant!” My boss was a guy, so I knew I needed to take the test. Three tests later, we were positive.  And from looking at the photos, I do believe I had angel’s dust sprinkled all over me.


I believe that Boat Blue room and Baby G was our destiny. Our Manifest Destiny to be exact.

7 is the greatest number

You really can’t trump 7, eh? Well, except for maybe 9 or 11. I personally like 11 the best. But, that’s not what this about, now is it….this post is about 7.


Wow, Garrett turned 7 months a couple of days ago. This means he is over half way to being a year old. Which also means time’s really going to start flying by now. The prospect scares me a bit, he’s already pulling up on everything and before I know it he’s going to be walking and then running. And, then I will be sending him off for his first camping trip with the boys. And then it’s off to college. Oh my. I can’t even fathom it.


This is Baby G’s rendition of “Where’s Waldo?” Can’t he stay this small forever?

Alright all mushiness aside, this post is also about:


In all seriousness (and since I have been AWOL for the past few days) I’ve decided to take a jog down memory lane and play the game that I was tagged not tagged by anyone to do. Yeah, I’m so feeling the love. (I’m smiling saying that.) Anyhow, it goes a little something like this- you name 7 things that other people may not know about you. Of course, I’m a pretty open book so maybe that’s why I wasn’t tagged…hmmmm.

Oh and before I do this, I wanted to confess that I hadn’t a clue that these little tag me things were called MEMES. I missed the boat on that one. According to wikipedia; A meme (pronounced /miːm/)[1]consists of any idea or behavior that can pass from one person to another by learning or imitation. Examples include thoughts, ideas, theories, gestures, practices, fashions, habits, songs, and dances. Memes propagate themselves and can move through the cultural sociosphere in a manner similar to the contagious behavior of a virus. I wonder who coined these games this? And how it stuck? Apparently, the real concept has been around for awhile, like ahhh 1976…hmmm, yeah, like I said I really missed the boat on this one. I always thought this was considered a trend…

Any who.da.lee.do.da.lee, here we go.


1. I’m left-handed. I absolutely LOVE being left-handed, too. I have always thought that it was cool that I had this difference to me that only a few others had and when someone else is also left-handed, I feel like we are in a secret club together. Both of my father’s parents were left-handed (although, they were forced to learn to write right-handed. I always thought it was nice to share this with them. I’m also secretly hoping Garrett is left-handed.) Yep, I am certifiably cheesy.

2. I am on temporary pause…from pursing a second degree, this time in Early Childhood Education. I am 24 credits away from student teaching, but I haven’t been back since last Spring. It’s a long story I’d rather not get into right now. I feel helpless whenever I think about it.

3. I LOVE listening to old singers- like Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and Ella Fitzgerald. I also love B.B. King, Nina Simone and Van Morrison. I tribute this love from all the jazz my father listened to as I was growing up.

4. I was an election officer for the 2004 presidential and special session elections in my home state of Virginia. It was the longest, yet at the same time one of the most rewarding days of my life.  Let’s just say elections are understaffed and the officers are underpaid- which is no wonder why we ended up with so many errors.

5. I was a Model UN Ambassador at the United Nations in New York City for 3 days my senior year at Old Dominion University. I had the up-most honor to tour and go ‘behind’ the scenes of the UN. It’s absolutely remarkable. I also had the opportunity to pose questions to various UN diplomats- one of which was the Israeli representative and of whom I asked “How building a wall on the West Bank eased any tensions that already existed with the Palestinians?” Obviously, the Israeli have no plans on reconciling with them, eva, ever. Which is unfortunate that such bitterness resides between two peoples over the centuries and has yet to be resolved.

6. I traveled across the country when I was 21. I first drove to Texas and lived with my brother for 3 months and then packed up again and drove to CA, where I lived in Napa with a friend for 3 months, too. It was by far the best experience of my life. It is the farthest I have ever been away from home in terms of mileage and other than my few trips abroad. I recommend a trip on the open road (across our great country) as a MUST DO on everyone’s list. My only regrets were not staying longer and not bringing someone along. I sincerely tried to get a few folks to make the journey with me, but one thing or another held them back. Had someone been along for the ride, I believe I would have taken more time to enjoy the scenario and I would have had TONS more pictures of all my adventures. I was kinda apprehensive, you know traveling without a cell phone and only be 21. Plus, I was driving a car that cost me less than $1000. Yeah, what was I thinking?

7. AND FINALLY….I’m one of those people. Those crazies on t.v. that say they were abducted or saw a UFO. Except thing is, I REALLY DID SEE A UFO on my trip from Texas to Cali. It was about 4:30 in the morning and I was between Houston and Austin, when out of nowhere (mind you I was traveling near 70 mph on the highway) – a large white glowing dome shaped object zipped into sight. Actually, it zipped right into my window- stopping mere inches from the driver side FRONT window. It was hovering over that window for what seemed a very long time. (In a space continum kinda way.) It sat there and as suddenly as it appeared it flew off at a 90 degree angle into the other direction. It truly lasted maybe a matter of seconds and given the speed I was traveling and how it felt, it was as if TIME FROZE because I swear it stopped my car and itself from colliding. Well, heck maybe I was abducted, (that may explain a few things) either way it happened in a split second and the object was only about 3 x 3 feet. Hmmm, maybe I should be on one of those UFO shows?

Alrighty…so even though I wasn’t tagged…(I’m not bitter I promise) I will tag some people, too. Kim and Leanne. Now, hop to it.